turns out the reason the server was down for 8hrs was because of some hardware upgrade. i wonder what excuses they’ll come up with next time. anyway, i’m just glad my site’s back up and running.

welp, MMouse311 seems to be starting a new Yahoo Group with photos and pictures directed to mature audiences. wouldn’t lemme join until i gave out my age in my yahoo profile (doesn’t mean i gave out my real one -_^x) anyone, for those that are interested, the link to join is linky.

today in EE20, the professor said one of the funniest things! he goes, “i’m going to give you a TLA. you guys all know what TLA means right?” most of the class was just lost. he goes. Three Letter Acronym. just thought it was funny and worth mentioning. hehe ^_^x

had lunch with lilpebbly today. i had no idea 99 ranch market existed up here! but she proved me wrong. they also had pretty good pho’ there also. i also diagnosed her laptop and found out that she has a dead harddrive, sigh… it’s so sad when all the info you’ve saved is now gone. and for those that has had such a traumatic experience, you should know that at times like these is when being a friend really counts. oh yeah, for those who ever wants to open a Hewlett Packard Pavillion Notebook, READ THIS before continuing. i was trying to open it from the bottom for so long and almost gave up. welp, they have some funky way of opening this sucka! hehe. ^_^x

New episode of Hikrau no Go is out! w00h00!!! following are some extracts from it:

hikaru no go - sai laughinghikaru no go - sai yelling

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