Daylight Savings Time on IRC

sigh, today’s game was extremely disappointing. giants were up 5-0 and lost it in the 7th and 8th inning. 6-5 angels win and tomorrow’s game will decide who the the winners of the world series is. ortiz was awesome, but something happened with their bullpen today. it was like they were outta it or something. and angels got lucky! =( anyway GO GIANTS!!!

thanks to lsiyme for reminding me that it’s DayLight Savings weekend. we gain an extra hour! w00h00! well for most of you. an extra hour to work on my stupid cs project =(. stupid windows xp didn’t even warn me it was going to change the clock.

[1:59am] <+Zim> alright, it’s 1:00 again
[1:03am] <@esca> heh
[1:03am] <@esca> it’s 1:03 am 🙂
[1:05am] <@Krunk> wait
[1:06am] <@Krunk> n/m
[1:06am] <@Krunk> [1:59am] <+Zim> alright, it’s 1:00 again
[1:06am] <@Krunk> [1:03am] <@esca> heh
[1:06am] <@Krunk> [1:03am] <@esca> it’s 1:03 am 🙂
[1:06am] <@Krunk> stupid windows
[1:06am] <@Krunk> didnt even tell me about it!
[1:06am] <@Krunk> i had an opened document
[1:07am] <@Krunk> and said some other program modified it
[1:07am] <@Krunk> would i like to reload it with new changes
[1:07am] <@Krunk> when all it detected was the last modified date was after the current time

btw, i’m disappointed in all of you. thanks to n0rybic for pointing it out that my link to the dotphoto site no long works. it is no fixed and should work. so many of you and no one told me… sigh…

there’s this new anime that is really cool. it’s called naruto and lsiymle claims it’s better than Hikaru no Go. it’s starting out pretty good. here’s the opening and ending songs for you to enjoy.

today cunndogg and i went to ikea to get our computer table. scored a pretty good deal. got this table for $40:

ikea computer desk
note: monitor, chair, etc did not come with the table.

hen we went over to some rug outlet/depot place to check out some rugs/carpets. who knew rugs would be SOOOO EXPENSIVE!?!?! well, cunndogg knew, but it looked like the minimum was ~$200 for something decent to cover 8×5′. we’re looking for a rug so we can dampen the noise in the room. hate my apartment manager!

thanks to harrybons for telling me there’s a season 2 now for BMWFilms. the newest one is directed by John Woo and is pretty cool. didn’t like the ending tho. check it out here.

Kazaa 2.0 has been released awhile ago, but Kazaa Lite 2.0 has just be released. Kazaa Lite is basically Kazaa w/o the ads and spyware. recommended if you use morpheus or kazaa. download from here

cunndogg just got home really really drunk. hope he doesn’t have a headache tomorrow. oh well tomorrow will be 24hr of programming for me which will cause a massive headache. =(

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