More Chibi Goodness

Giants were defeated today. sigh… they were so close and yet so far. congrats to the Angels and Angels’ fans. both teams i’ve gotta say were equally good, but as cunndogg predicted, “Angel seems to be a better team this year.” i’ve gotta say, this really came down to management. if Dusty Baker would’ve just put Kirk Reuter as the starter, then we might still have a chance. but Hernandez? sigh…

welp, i didn’t finish my project today, but did get a big chunk done. to my surprise, soda wasn’t packed at all. onward march!

now for the anime update. new episode of Prince of Tennis was released and the long match between Ryoma and Akutzu still has not been finished. The preview shows that it’s likely that it’ll end in the following episode. Dragon Drive has brought more cute Chibi for me!

dragon drive - cute dragondragon drive - cute dragondragon drive - cute dragon

i’m sorry but seems like i wont have time this weekend to include all my old picture of the week. grrr, i still have laundry to do! =(

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