Happy Thanksgiving!

a bit late, but


was in a hurry yesterday to finish up as much as my cs project so i could enjoy my thanksgiving weekend @ my roommate’s home in SF. didn’t think i’d have a chance to update my site till sunday nite, but andrew’s family is having a family thingy tomorrow and he drove me back which equals more time on project. ^_^x will be gone tomorrow nite again. going back into SF.

welp, on wednesday afternoon, well close to evening, esca told me us to go outside and look @ the sunset. i was just outside and the sunset didn’t look that awesome. he says i’m wrong. so i went to the etcheverry 5th floor (apparently 6th floor has no/restricted balcony access) and took a fabulous picture. i guess esca is right after all. hehe. enjoy the pic in “Picture of the Moment” (renamed from Picture of the Week since it’s not updated every week as many of u may have noticed). hehe ^_^x also, if you haven’t noticed, i have now included not one, not two, but ALL the old Pictures of the Moment. enjoy ^_^x

well, today is officially Black Friday one of the largest sale day each year. my cuz is outside of bestbuy right now with 2 magazines and a gameboy advance hoping to get into some good deals. sigh… since the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) thingy happened to FatWallet, i’ve decided to boycott Black Friday sales (but that’s just a lame excuse that i don’t have a car to actually get to any of these places) hehe. u can read more about how they tried to take down fatwallet here on CNN.

was planning to talk about all the good food tonite i had during thanksgiving, but maybe tomorrow. 7:25AM = time to goto sleep. ^_^x

Fantasy vs Kiko

just got back from soda after 5 hrs of programming. yucky! =( soda was so packed tonite, it took awhile even to find an empty station. the servers were also slow because apparently some class was running autograder on SOLAR and everything just got worse. Tons of people try to finish their project before they go home for Thanksgiving. The main servers go down this afternoon for “maintenance”. then after it comes back up, they use up all the computer resources for grading projects which they could grade OVER thanksgiving and no one would care. i got a big chunk of my project done in which my machine can play against another machine. now i need to write the human player part.

*linky fixed*
thanks to Fantasy for donating this video clip. ever wanted to see a Tetris Master play? well here’s your chance! ^_^x

i had big surprise today in which crabyaple decided to join my chatroom #calnime (more info under anime link). he also brought along his roomamte ki|eternal which usually ranks among the top 10 on EVA (stanford’s counter-strike server). another thing interesting that happened on irc yesterday was how Fantasy treats his ladies. (i can’t believe he still doesn’t understand why his hime dumped him):

<+Fantasy> Kiko makes good cheese cake
<+Krunk|Bot> makes?
<+Belldandy-Sama> cheese cake…..
<+Krunk|Bot> as in bake?
<+Fantasy> yes as in bake
<+Krunk|Bot> nice
<+Krunk|Bot> good quality in future wife -_^ *wink* *wink*
<+Kiko> thanks for the promotion
<+Kiko> really don’t need that
<+Fantasy> she as in wife?
<+Krunk|Bot> oiooops
<+Fantasy> u don’t want her as wife
<+Krunk|Bot> didnt see her here
<+Kiko> yeah you don’t
<+Fantasy> you won’t want a wife that short =P
<+Fantasy> and she isn’t even cute =P
<+Krunk|Bot> uh oh….
<+Kiko> exactly
* +Krunk|Bot hides
<+Fantasy> irene is nice =x
<+Fantasy> she won’t do anything
* @Belldandy-Sama hands Kiko a knive
<+Krunk|Bot> for some reason, Kiko seems to be either really tolerant
<+Kiko> what do u want me to do with a knive
<+Fantasy> she’s my daughter =P
<+Fantasy> good daughter, listen to daddy
<+Kiko> whatever
* @Belldandy-Sama sighs
<+Fantasy> T_T bad girl
<+Kiko> i put poison in that cheesecake
<+Kiko> fant will be dead soon
<+Fantasy> o.OI
<+Krunk|Bot> i c i c
* @Fantasy dies
<+Kiko> heh
<+Fantasy> damn my own daughter killed me
* @Belldandy-Sama beats the day light out of Fantasy.
<+Krunk|Bot> i knew there’s no such girl on earth
* @Fantasy beats the day light out of karen
<+Fantasy> wait he’s using bell as his nick now
* @Fantasy beats the day light out of bell too
<+Krunk|Bot> i mean a girl that doesnt mind a guy that makes fun of her being short and uncute. a girl that knows how to bake good cakes, a girl that’s nice. wow!
<+Fantasy> ya
<+Fantasy> Kiko‘s super nice
<+Fantasy> she doesn’t mind anything
<+Fantasy> krunk go hit on her =X
<+Fantasy> i can introduce
<+Krunk|Bot> lol. it’s okay
<+Krunk|Bot> no thanks
<+Krunk|Bot> dont want her poisoning my cake now ;p
<+Kiko> no thanks dad
<+Kharizma> umm james… no one will ever want you as a daddy =P
<+Fantasy> irene is my daughter =P
<+Kharizma> umm no.
<+Kharizma> haha
<+Krunk|Bot> that’s just a sick image dude
<+Krunk|Bot> stop that
<+Belldandy-Sama> i will stop that.
* Fantasy was kicked by Belldandy-Sama (ewww…..)
Fantasy (Fantasy@Fantasy.Reshall.Berkeley.EDU) has joined. ≪28 people≫
<+Kharizma> hahaha bell
<+Krunk|Bot> good one ^_^x
* Belldandy-Sama was kicked by Fantasy (dress up as karen and we can come and tape u in soda 271)
Belldandy-Sama (Karen@adsl- has joined. ≪28 people≫
<+Fantasy> Kiko‘s skinny
<+Fantasy> she weights like 90lbs
<+Krunk|Bot> she’s a stick !
<+Krunk|Bot> sorry if that offended u
<+Fantasy> no she’s not
<+Krunk|Bot> yes she is
<+Fantasy> she’s just freaking SHORT
* +Kiko kicks james in the head
<+Fantasy> u can’t reach my head
<+Krunk|Bot> FINALLY!
<+Fantasy> …
<+Krunk|Bot> some action
<+Belldandy-Sama> u know “try this /kick Fantasy I don’t like u”
<+Kharizma> LoL
<+Fantasy> i’ll takek the safe precausion
<+Belldandy-Sama> oh well, too late.
<+Krunk|Bot> sigh…
<+Krunk|Bot> i dont have power on this machiene
Belldandy-Sama sets mode: +o Krunk|Bot
<+Fantasy> guys chill
<+Fantasy> Kiko‘s my daughter =X
<+Belldandy-Sama> i don’t think Kiko will kick Fantasy
<+Kiko> no i’m not
<+Kharizma> i will then
<+Kharizma> haha
<+Fantasy> yes u are =P
<+Kiko> i’ll do it
* @Belldandy-Sama pass knives to everyone.
* @Kiko kicks james
<+Krunk|Bot> kick kick kic!
<+Krunk|Bot> it’s: /kick #calnime Fantasy reason
* @Kiko stabs james
* Fantasy was kicked by Kharizma (har har)
Fantasy (Fantasy@Fantasy.Reshall.Berkeley.EDU) has joined. ≪28 people≫
<+Belldandy-Sama> lol, chanserv is lagged?
<+Fantasy> damn chanserv is lagged
<+Krunk|Bot> shrug
<+Krunk|Bot> Kiko, u wanna give it a try?
<+Kiko> huh?
<+Belldandy-Sama> type: /kick #calnime Fantasy i don’t like u
<+Krunk|Bot> type: /kick #calnime Fantasy i’m not your DAUGHTER!
* Fantasy was kicked by Kiko (i don’t like u)
Fantasy (Fantasy@Fantasy.Reshall.Berkeley.EDU) has joined. ≪28 people≫
<+Krunk|Bot> hehe
<+Belldandy-Sama> can also type: /kick #calnime Fantasy pimp, die!
* Fantasy was kicked by Kiko (i’m not your DAUGHTER!)
Fantasy (Fantasy@Fantasy.Reshall.Berkeley.EDU) has joined. ≪28 people≫
<+Kharizma> LoLoL this is great
<+Krunk|Bot> lol!
esca sets mode: +v Fantasy
<+Fantasy> darn what have i daught my daughter… this is sad
<+Fantasy> i should just cancel the send
<+Krunk|Bot> this is fun
<+Fantasy> =(
<+Fantasy> since she’s being bad girl
<+Kharizma> haha
<+Belldandy-Sama> esca-bot u find those kicking useful. =)
<+Kiko> i never said that i’m a good girl
<+Kiko> can’t hold that against me
<+Belldandy-Sama> finally chanserv gives Fantasy a break.
<+Krunk|Bot> hehe
<+Fantasy> T_T
<+Krunk|Bot> that’s true fant
<+Fantasy> daddy will go to a corner and cry
<+Kiko> that’s great
<+Kiko> what a good idea

Samurai Showdown Babies

nothing much happened today. worked more on cs project. worked more on stupid linux. still giving me tons of problems tho. yucky =(

thanks to kharizma, the picture of the week have finally been updated. hope you’ll enjoy it.

if you haven’t noticed i’ve changed my icon theme again. new theme: Samurai Showdown BABIES. hehe ;p

anime page is updated with OP scenes (not songs) of some cool animes i found on someone’s server. ^_^x

only have 1 class tomorrow. lab was canceled. w00h00 for that. b00 cause i’ll probably be working on my cs project. short entry today cause i was weighing, new poll, or more anime. anime won. ^_^x

Calnime Gathering

we had our first group gathering for #calnime. it was sorta random and we had really no idea what we were going to do nor where we were going. just decided to make something happen on this sunday afternoon. mj30chan was the main planner for this event (all credit goes to her but i’ll still give fantasy the credit of bringing up such an idea, he never got anyone to agree on a date tho) well, mj30chan i guess has the power to get everyone to listen. hehe. we met up @ my apartment and just chilled there and chatted about guess what… ANIME! hehe. i’ve gotta say that i didn’t expect a couple of people to be who they turned out to be. hehe. stupid belldandy – have i told u the story of belldandy yet? if not here it goes…

belldandy was kenny’s roommate last year, a friend of mines in CS61A. i’ve always thought i knew who he was since kenny says belldandy has an ibook. and i’ve seen another guy by belldandy’s real name around the dorm area, also in CS61A and carries an ibook or some sexy laptop around with him. well, belldandy doesn’t know me. one day i noticed belldandy was in my CS61B discussion again (i’ve seen him a couple of times in my CS discussion, but i just assumed he and my TA were friends). but today i decided to confront him. i went up to him and said, “hey , why did you come to ‘s discussion?” he says, “cause i’m in his section.” i said, “i thought u took CS61B over the summer and are taking CS61C now.” he answers, “no, i didn’t, but do i know you?” i answered, “it’s me, krunk! from #calnime!” he replies, “krunk…?” at this point i was as lost as he was and said, “you’re belldandy right?” he goes, “belldandy…?” then i go, “i’m so sorry, i’ve musta mistaken you for some other person.” He goes, “oh, it’s no problem. i didn’t catch your name.” I said, “my name’s nice to meet you.”

i was so embarrassed @ this point, i think my cheeks were bright red. we parted and when i went home, apparently belldandy and my mental belldandy were 2 completely different person. belldandy does know this fake belldandy tho and says the fake belldandy is EXTREMELY SMART, which I knew. sigh… still haven’t met belldandy yet. =( anyway, here were a couple of pictures i took today: (btw, u can click them to enlarge)

calnime - esca

here’s esca (aka dwc). he won’t respond to anyone that calls him esca. administrator of OCF and currently a senior in Berkeley majoring in CS. he’s 22 and is looking for both a job and a girlfriend. email him if you find him cute or a job. he lives on … j/k ;p

calnime - killerspots, zim, mj30chan

here’s killer_spots (left) and zim (right). killer_spots is a mysterious guy and most of his personal information is currently unknown. all that’s known is he’s a sophomore @ berkeley. zim (don’t u just luv his expression) on the other hand i know is currently living with one of my high school friends, lilpebbles. also a sophomore in berkeley and planning to major in Math (apparently found CS too boring). he’s from SoCal and apparently according to killer_spots was on a blind date with some hot chicks. zim has no comment. i’ve been to lilpebbles’ place like 3x, but coincidentally have never met zim till today.

calnime - crimsonangel, killerspots

here’s crimsonangel (left) and killerspots (right). crimsonangel is a counter strike maniac who is a freshman in berkeley. fantasy claims that crismonangel uses a trackball for counterstrike and skill levelwise is about equal to him. however, i forgot to ask crimsonangel’s response to that comment. crimsonangel is also a fansub editor for kouhai-anime and chaotixubs. pretty cool huh?

calnime - zim, cunndogg, mj30chan, kharizma, fantasy

welp, here’s the biggest group pic. starting from the left, we have zim, cunndogg, mj30chan, kharizma, fantasy. cunndogg as you know is my roommate. mj30chan is if you haven’t noticed yet from my high school Mark Keppel. her brother is also a friend of mines and her little brother is also a friend of my younger brother. a first year @ berkeley and well, nothing much else is known about her. kharizma (cute as one of my friends says; didn’t get permission to name this individual, so i’m better off not posting his nick or i might be in trouble) is a 2nd year @ berkeley… i think. welp she’s from granada high school (somewhere in socal) which apparently is the same as ise (who ditched today). i’m sorry guys, she’s currently taken (but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t like a little competition). ^_^x fantasy… lol i just remember a funny story about fantasy. the first time we met was in Soda. i go in and he calls for me. and my first response was, “Hey Fantasy.” somehow i felt like a complete idiot. sounded so inappropriate. well, he’s a freshman this year majoring in CS also. lost his hime (princess for japanese-illiterates) a couple times. gets super depressed whenever his him breaks up with him (i’m still wondering if they were ever together). he’s really really tall and let’s see, another counter strike maniac. plays on the stanford server and is ranked ~100 i believe. no one seems to like fantasy and he seems to get kicked/beat up the most in the channel. hehe. i’ve gotta apologize to mteklabs, msticazn, snakescott that i didnt get them in my pix. mteklabs and snakescott are the only 2 non-asians so far that we’ve identified. mteklabs.. not much is known about him besides he doesn’t talk much in the chatroom. snakescott hardly visits the chatroom and gets most of his anime through me & ocf. but he does live right below me. ^_^x msticazn is from gabrielino high school, very close to keppel and is a 2nd year majoring in MCB (i think). also taken. ^_^x

well, we went out to dinner ended up in some thai place on cedar and shattuck. the food was pretty good there. we had so much trouble deciding on a place to eat, ranging from Barney’s (mj30chan: no burgers please!) to Cheese Board Factory (spelling? which was closed). we originally planned to crash @ esca’s apartment and watch My Sassy Girl which DVD worship. but after dinner, everyone just decided to go home cause it’s been a long day and sunday nites = hw nites for many.

The match finally ended in Hikaru no Go 56. it was such a good match (although i have no clue about how to play go). i won’t spoil it for you guys but trust me, it was so beautiful.

thanks to ungsunghero for posting this awesome piano piece: mario

while listening to Linkin Park’s new album “Reanimation“, i heard my name: “Mr Hon”. i was surprised so i looked up the lyrics online and found it to be “Mr. Hahn”. darn, so close! ^_^x

fantasy called me down to soda late tonite and said there was this good caricature and i should take a picture of it. went down there and got this for you guys:

george bush - forget about the economy comic
George Bush – Forget About The Economy

welp, it’s obvious that ppl want links to open up new window. I’ve already implemented that already and even old pages’ links will open up new windows. enjoy ^_^x. new poll should be up tomorrow (hopefully). ^_^x btw, i noticed that after 2nd reading there were tons of typos. it’s 5:11am, don’t expect much accuracy.

Cal vs Stanford (The Big Game)

Did you guys see the BIG GAME today! We whooped Stanford’s butt! 30-7 dude! Our first win in like 7 years! we’ve been miserable losing over and over to those cardinals (aka trees). After a bit of research, i finally figured out what the axe is represented for. click here to see the “History and Tales of the Stanford Axe” this has been one of the first times in A VERY LONG WHILE that our stadium has actually sold out seats. The commotion was so great near the end, the crowd just rushed in even when there was 11secs left on the clock. After first there were guards surrounding the goal post knowing that college students tend to climb on them and break them after such a game. well, those guards eventually lost to the mob of students and the goal post came tumbling down. ise took some great pictures:

band | band_cal | boller | fallingpost | goal | paper

my other friend snakescott was also there, but he didn’t join in the mob:

snakescott: we won big game though!
Krunk4Ever: yep!
Krunk4Ever: did u see the crowd rush in?
snakescott: dude
snakescott: I WAS THERE
snakescott: I didn’t rush in cause I’m not a moron
snakescott: but I saw every beautiful moment, oh yeah
Krunk4Ever: nice!
snakescott: yeah

the poll above will be ending tomorrow and i’ll be posting the results as well as enforcing them. therefore, vote now and express your POWER!!!

guess what? my south park dvds came! for $10 shipped, i got the entire SEASON 1. one of the best seasons in my opinion. the newer seasons comedy has deteriorated to a much lower standard. although still funny, it no longer tickles my funny bone as it used to. hehe. ^_^x

New Hikaru no Go was released today. The series is getting so exciting and tense, i practically beg for the next episode. Next episode *should* be released tomorrow. they withheld these episodes for weeks because they claim the cliffhangers were so horrible. IT’S SO TRUE! After watching this episode, the suspense was already too much to bear. I watch the preview and the suspense grew 10x worse!!! I also killed myself! Then hoping i’d feel better watching the new episode of Naruto. That left me hanging too! sigh… stupid anime, it’s like a drug u get addicted to. you know you’re addicted but it’s just so GOOD! hehe

I also watched K19 Widowmaker. Really good movie in my opinion. Very similar to U571, but it’s about Russians and nuclear subs. I’d like to give some quotes i found interesting:

We are all good communists here.
But the committee ruled because it was not war time, because it was merely an accident, they were not worthy of the title hero. What good is our honor from such people.

I remember there to be at least a couple more quotes i liked, but can’t seem to find them as i’m skimming through it. oh well. g’nite ^_^zzz

New Nike Shoes

just got my new shoes today! w00h00! click here to check them out. paid only $6.60 shipped. had a $80GC to NikeTown which I got because my old pair of Nikes had a hole on the bottom of the shoe and the inside of the shoes got super wet whenever it rains.

nike shoes

thanks to ungsunghero for donating this link. story is hilarious in some ways and painful in others. ever had that sorta experience. well, the original story is here. it’s bout some old guy accidentally burning and scarring his wee-wee by using his laptop on his lap. OUCH! if you like these type of stories, i’d like to direct you to fark.com which has tons of these stories. ^_^x

went to see one hour photo @ Wheeler tonite. Movie was sorta disappointing in that the story never really capture the audience to follow it intensely which a good suspense thriller would require. Robin Williams really wasn’t meant to do these type of horror suspense movies. he’s the funny type of guy for great comedies! but who would’ve known, carii and deCAThAneRD went to watch this too! cunndogg and i decided to leave those 2 luvbirds alone. don’t wanna bother deCAThAneRD if he tries to pull some moves. hehe -_^x

cunndogg told me this funny joke today:

There were 2 friends who were from the South and have moved onto college. One of his friends went to a Northeastern college and invited his other friend to a party. The friend gladly accepted the invitation and the party was a hit! The visiting friend decided to try his luck and hit on some chix. He saw a couple cute ones and asked, “Which university are y’all from?” The girls giggled and replied “Yale” The friend then screamed, “WHICH UNIVERSITY ARE Y’ALL FROM?

thanks to Cantaka for providing this link. Rumor is that AT&T and Comcast Cable may be soon implementing a new rule to their broadband cable internet. Rumor says that they will enforce a monthly download limit of ~10GB. YUCKY YUCKY YUCKY =(. i myself d/l more than that every couple days. if they switch on me, i’ll switch to DSL. easy as that! ^_^x

Merged my Anime List & #calnime page together into 1 now. decided that they were relatively the same thing and added and changed some links which you may find helpful. if you find any dead links or something wrong, please notify me IMMEDIATELY. thanks ^_^x

Watched The Ninth Gate on DVD tonite. an awesome movie which dives deep into the satanic world and how humans sell their souls to satan. If you’ve never watched it, i super recommend it. Well, it’s time for Hikaru no Go! FINALLY A NEW EPISODE! ^_^x

Hippo and Hippo Jr.

nothing much happened today. was rather boring. spent most of it sleeping. hehe.

welp, i’m brain dead @ the moment. so i’ll just post up some pictures of hippo and hippo jr.:

good hippoevil hippohippo with hippo jr.

Story actually goes like this. i got hippo and mono from a fund raiser for my science club. turned out to be a lot cuter than what i expected. hippo was definitely cuter and i was actually going to give it to my brother for christmas but i ended up keeping it. hehe. well, hippo came with a hook which i hooked to either my backpack or my pants whenever i went out or to school. it was like a new thing and hippo enjoyed sight seeing. one day, i realized he was not hooked onto either my pants nor my backpack. i frantically searched for him and asked every single one of my friends if they’ve seen hippo. apparently one of my friends said she saw it on the top of my car, which i recall never placing him. sigh, as you can tell, i was majorly depressed. i emailed the fund raiser company asking if they had any left which i can purchase from. the sweet lady replied back apologizing that they no longer carry this item, but will try to see if they have any left overs. well, this story has a happy ending and 2 days later i got another email and said they found ONE LAST ONE and was going to mail it to me for FREE! i was like AWESOME and i couldn’t thank the lady enough. welp. hippo jr. and mono are here with me in Berkeley, but hippo (sr.) will never be forgotten. *sniff*

Car Trouble

met a rather interesting family today in the garage, they were pushing their car outta the garage. i offered to help and they said, u can help starting by moving out of the way. i was thinking, “okay, not going to help u guys then. your lost” as i was leaving, i asked if the car was down, and they laughed, “Oh no! it’s just the car is so big and the parking lot is so tight, we didn’t want to run into the pillars or other cars. so we thought by pushing we’d get more control.” i responded with a simpled word: kewl. and the lady snapped back, “not cool!” weird encounter i must say.

Here’s a really old joke which i dug up in My Documents:

This is the transcript of the ACTUAL radio conversation of a US naval ship with Canadian authorities off the coast of Newfoundland I OCT/95 Radio conversation released by the Chief of Naval Operations 10-10-95.

Canadians: Please divert your course 15 degrees the South to avoid a collision.
Americans: Recommend you divert your course 15 degrees the North to avoid a collision.
Canadians: Negative. You will have to divert your course 15 degrees the South to avoid a collision.
Americans: This is the Captain of a US navy ship. I say again divert your course.
Canadians: No. I say again, you divert YOUR course.
Canadians: This is the light house. Your call!!!

Thanks to ungsunghero for point this out: CNN: Global goofs: U.S. youth can’t find Iraq. this article shows how dumb our society is when 11% of 18-24 yr olds can’t point out where USA is on a world map. i mean COMON! this is where u bust out your Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego skillz. that game was so fun. i remember i would skip recess everyday and play with my friend Ivan. sigh… haven’t seen Ivan for so long i dont even know where he is anymore. But play Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego was so exciting. it was actually something i looked forward to go to school for. playing in our class’ apple IIe computer. hehe.

cunndogg just told me some very interesting facts about Canada and England. Supposedly, Canada is still an British Colony and the Queen is still holds the executive power. She gets to appoint who the governor or Canada is and can dissolve the parliament at her will. i always thought she was just a symbolic icon but supposedly cunndogg says she can dissolve Britain’s parliament too. she just doesn’t use her power. and to think i always thought the prime minister had the most power. another interesting fact is u know how Canadians talk by adding and -ay to end of their sentence. (ie. What’s up-ay? How’s it going-ay? You the man-ay) so when deciding their name for their country or colony, the picked up random letters from a hat and the guy reading off the letters said: C-ay, N-ay, D-ay and there you have today’s spelling of Canada. hehe ^_^x

here’s something i learned i found very funny. in programming we often use the variable foo and i thought it was just a random word made up from nowhere. but apparently there’s some history behind it. the word foo was said to be extracted from fubar (foo-bar) which stands for ‘f*cked up beyond all recognition’. i find this fact very amusing. hehe. ^_^x

Saturnus in Witch Hunter Robin

been a rather busy day. but my ebates check arrived yesterday and got cashed today for a whooping $12 something! lucky ungsunghero has a friend who buys through him and he’s getting all the commission fees. 1 17″ LCD and 2 >3MP digicams. *drools* @ all the commission ungsunghero is going to make. of course he forced me not to say who he’s buying it for.

updated calnime page for those who are interested in checking out new animes, but don’t particularly like or know how to use mIRC or other iRC clients. ^_^x

well, it’s late tonite and i’m sorry for another lousy post, but while watching Witch Hunter Robin, i noticed this familiar picture:

Saturn Devouring His Son by Francisco Goya

for those that still don’t remember where this poster was, i believe mrs. mac had it on her wall. maybe not? but very close at least. really miss her. she was a really fun teacher to have.

Silent Soda

nothing much happened today. went to class and started my project for cs61b. during ee20 lecture, on the board it wrote: “(Makeup for last Friday) Review Session, Cory 277, Tomorrow @ 6PM” I was like O SH*T! another midterm? makeup midterm, what the heck is going on. I find out later it was a makeup session for a discussion which apparently the professor was late to. *whew*

last nite on my way out to soda, i heard a PAK! i was like WO! then another PAK and i saw San Francisco Tribunes around me wrapped in blue see-through plastic. this was @ 3:30am and there was this guy driving in a small car throwing newspapers out his window. the scene turned out to be hilarious and i waved goodbye to the newspaper delivery guy as he drove away. after i went to soda, this is the FIRST TIME the entire 2nd floor was empty. I even went into each room to double check. it was silent as a (well not silent since the computers were humming) but u get the point. it was like ghost town, when usually there’s at least 5 or 6 ppl working on their CS projects and hw.

welp, today’s entry is going to be short. 5am and i have 9:30am class tomorrow. i’ll end it with what crabyaple sent me: a link that’s so scary that even if i warn you it’s scary, you’d still be scared. don’t believe me. well try it. i dare you! -_^x