First Home Cooked Meal

first of all, i’d like to throw out a big HAPPY BDAY to carii. this will make her.. uh.. i don’t think i’m allowed to give away a girl’s age. hehe. sorry guys, but she’s also taken. but i never said there was no competition. ^_^x

cunndogg really likes his new RC Car. welp, being somewhat of an Initial D fan, i asked if he can get it to drift 180° or even 360°. welp, we took some video clips of it so we hope you’ll enjoy it. the volume is a bit loud, so u might wanna lower it. we didn’t get it to do 360° but we may have succeeded in 180°. ^_^x

clip 1 | clip 2

welp, not wanting to let the lamb meat get bad + we’ve been marinating the remainder of the lamb from last nite for an entire day, we decided to give it another shot. this time i took pix of it:

green bell peppers in lamb juice and teriyaki saucefreshly cut carrotslamb meat kept warm in ovencarrots in lamb juice and teriyaki saucewe're done!adding the carrots to ricethen the green bell pepperand finally the lamb meat!

YUMMY! ^_^x

welp, we went to the bar again tonite. this time with laa, lydia, liam, and cunndogg. we sat down and waited for the waitress to come serve us. she came and took our order and then asked us if we had our id. we were like wo… (although i only ordered a virgin drink, i was surprised also since this was the first time we got carded). we searched our wallets and no one could find it (how convenient -_^x). so she said she was sorry and couldn’t serve us. so we got up and left surprised by this new rule. we decided that the boss was in today, so the waitress had to follow accordingly. oh well, next time. ^_^x we then went to liam’s house to watch “Metropolis” a anime supposedly release last year. i had it, but never watched it. (did that shock u?) i’m really picky about anime. if i don’t like any part of it, i wont watch it. an initial skim of Metropolis didn’t really catch my attention. welp, the animation was great, but the plot was really confusing and required too much thinking for me to enjoy anime. if you like that type of anime/stories, you should really check this out. cunndogg decided it was relating this society to the German Nazis. ^_^x

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