Hippo and Hippo Jr.

nothing much happened today. was rather boring. spent most of it sleeping. hehe.

welp, i’m brain dead @ the moment. so i’ll just post up some pictures of hippo and hippo jr.:

good hippoevil hippohippo with hippo jr.

Story actually goes like this. i got hippo and mono from a fund raiser for my science club. turned out to be a lot cuter than what i expected. hippo was definitely cuter and i was actually going to give it to my brother for christmas but i ended up keeping it. hehe. well, hippo came with a hook which i hooked to either my backpack or my pants whenever i went out or to school. it was like a new thing and hippo enjoyed sight seeing. one day, i realized he was not hooked onto either my pants nor my backpack. i frantically searched for him and asked every single one of my friends if they’ve seen hippo. apparently one of my friends said she saw it on the top of my car, which i recall never placing him. sigh, as you can tell, i was majorly depressed. i emailed the fund raiser company asking if they had any left which i can purchase from. the sweet lady replied back apologizing that they no longer carry this item, but will try to see if they have any left overs. well, this story has a happy ending and 2 days later i got another email and said they found ONE LAST ONE and was going to mail it to me for FREE! i was like AWESOME and i couldn’t thank the lady enough. welp. hippo jr. and mono are here with me in Berkeley, but hippo (sr.) will never be forgotten. *sniff*

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