Fantasy vs Kiko

just got back from soda after 5 hrs of programming. yucky! =( soda was so packed tonite, it took awhile even to find an empty station. the servers were also slow because apparently some class was running autograder on SOLAR and everything just got worse. Tons of people try to finish their project before they go home for Thanksgiving. The main servers go down this afternoon for “maintenance”. then after it comes back up, they use up all the computer resources for grading projects which they could grade OVER thanksgiving and no one would care. i got a big chunk of my project done in which my machine can play against another machine. now i need to write the human player part.

*linky fixed*
thanks to Fantasy for donating this video clip. ever wanted to see a Tetris Master play? well here’s your chance! ^_^x

i had big surprise today in which crabyaple decided to join my chatroom #calnime (more info under anime link). he also brought along his roomamte ki|eternal which usually ranks among the top 10 on EVA (stanford’s counter-strike server). another thing interesting that happened on irc yesterday was how Fantasy treats his ladies. (i can’t believe he still doesn’t understand why his hime dumped him):

<+Fantasy> Kiko makes good cheese cake
<+Krunk|Bot> makes?
<+Belldandy-Sama> cheese cake…..
<+Krunk|Bot> as in bake?
<+Fantasy> yes as in bake
<+Krunk|Bot> nice
<+Krunk|Bot> good quality in future wife -_^ *wink* *wink*
<+Kiko> thanks for the promotion
<+Kiko> really don’t need that
<+Fantasy> she as in wife?
<+Krunk|Bot> oiooops
<+Fantasy> u don’t want her as wife
<+Krunk|Bot> didnt see her here
<+Kiko> yeah you don’t
<+Fantasy> you won’t want a wife that short =P
<+Fantasy> and she isn’t even cute =P
<+Krunk|Bot> uh oh….
<+Kiko> exactly
* +Krunk|Bot hides
<+Fantasy> irene is nice =x
<+Fantasy> she won’t do anything
* @Belldandy-Sama hands Kiko a knive
<+Krunk|Bot> for some reason, Kiko seems to be either really tolerant
<+Kiko> what do u want me to do with a knive
<+Fantasy> she’s my daughter =P
<+Fantasy> good daughter, listen to daddy
<+Kiko> whatever
* @Belldandy-Sama sighs
<+Fantasy> T_T bad girl
<+Kiko> i put poison in that cheesecake
<+Kiko> fant will be dead soon
<+Fantasy> o.OI
<+Krunk|Bot> i c i c
* @Fantasy dies
<+Kiko> heh
<+Fantasy> damn my own daughter killed me
* @Belldandy-Sama beats the day light out of Fantasy.
<+Krunk|Bot> i knew there’s no such girl on earth
* @Fantasy beats the day light out of karen
<+Fantasy> wait he’s using bell as his nick now
* @Fantasy beats the day light out of bell too
<+Krunk|Bot> i mean a girl that doesnt mind a guy that makes fun of her being short and uncute. a girl that knows how to bake good cakes, a girl that’s nice. wow!
<+Fantasy> ya
<+Fantasy> Kiko‘s super nice
<+Fantasy> she doesn’t mind anything
<+Fantasy> krunk go hit on her =X
<+Fantasy> i can introduce
<+Krunk|Bot> lol. it’s okay
<+Krunk|Bot> no thanks
<+Krunk|Bot> dont want her poisoning my cake now ;p
<+Kiko> no thanks dad
<+Kharizma> umm james… no one will ever want you as a daddy =P
<+Fantasy> irene is my daughter =P
<+Kharizma> umm no.
<+Kharizma> haha
<+Krunk|Bot> that’s just a sick image dude
<+Krunk|Bot> stop that
<+Belldandy-Sama> i will stop that.
* Fantasy was kicked by Belldandy-Sama (ewww…..)
Fantasy (Fantasy@Fantasy.Reshall.Berkeley.EDU) has joined. ≪28 people≫
<+Kharizma> hahaha bell
<+Krunk|Bot> good one ^_^x
* Belldandy-Sama was kicked by Fantasy (dress up as karen and we can come and tape u in soda 271)
Belldandy-Sama ( has joined. ≪28 people≫
<+Fantasy> Kiko‘s skinny
<+Fantasy> she weights like 90lbs
<+Krunk|Bot> she’s a stick !
<+Krunk|Bot> sorry if that offended u
<+Fantasy> no she’s not
<+Krunk|Bot> yes she is
<+Fantasy> she’s just freaking SHORT
* +Kiko kicks james in the head
<+Fantasy> u can’t reach my head
<+Krunk|Bot> FINALLY!
<+Fantasy> …
<+Krunk|Bot> some action
<+Belldandy-Sama> u know “try this /kick Fantasy I don’t like u”
<+Kharizma> LoL
<+Fantasy> i’ll takek the safe precausion
<+Belldandy-Sama> oh well, too late.
<+Krunk|Bot> sigh…
<+Krunk|Bot> i dont have power on this machiene
Belldandy-Sama sets mode: +o Krunk|Bot
<+Fantasy> guys chill
<+Fantasy> Kiko‘s my daughter =X
<+Belldandy-Sama> i don’t think Kiko will kick Fantasy
<+Kiko> no i’m not
<+Kharizma> i will then
<+Kharizma> haha
<+Fantasy> yes u are =P
<+Kiko> i’ll do it
* @Belldandy-Sama pass knives to everyone.
* @Kiko kicks james
<+Krunk|Bot> kick kick kic!
<+Krunk|Bot> it’s: /kick #calnime Fantasy reason
* @Kiko stabs james
* Fantasy was kicked by Kharizma (har har)
Fantasy (Fantasy@Fantasy.Reshall.Berkeley.EDU) has joined. ≪28 people≫
<+Belldandy-Sama> lol, chanserv is lagged?
<+Fantasy> damn chanserv is lagged
<+Krunk|Bot> shrug
<+Krunk|Bot> Kiko, u wanna give it a try?
<+Kiko> huh?
<+Belldandy-Sama> type: /kick #calnime Fantasy i don’t like u
<+Krunk|Bot> type: /kick #calnime Fantasy i’m not your DAUGHTER!
* Fantasy was kicked by Kiko (i don’t like u)
Fantasy (Fantasy@Fantasy.Reshall.Berkeley.EDU) has joined. ≪28 people≫
<+Krunk|Bot> hehe
<+Belldandy-Sama> can also type: /kick #calnime Fantasy pimp, die!
* Fantasy was kicked by Kiko (i’m not your DAUGHTER!)
Fantasy (Fantasy@Fantasy.Reshall.Berkeley.EDU) has joined. ≪28 people≫
<+Kharizma> LoLoL this is great
<+Krunk|Bot> lol!
esca sets mode: +v Fantasy
<+Fantasy> darn what have i daught my daughter… this is sad
<+Fantasy> i should just cancel the send
<+Krunk|Bot> this is fun
<+Fantasy> =(
<+Fantasy> since she’s being bad girl
<+Kharizma> haha
<+Belldandy-Sama> esca-bot u find those kicking useful. =)
<+Kiko> i never said that i’m a good girl
<+Kiko> can’t hold that against me
<+Belldandy-Sama> finally chanserv gives Fantasy a break.
<+Krunk|Bot> hehe
<+Fantasy> T_T
<+Krunk|Bot> that’s true fant
<+Fantasy> daddy will go to a corner and cry
<+Kiko> that’s great
<+Kiko> what a good idea

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