You Are My Friend

have u ever been stuck on one problem for 7 hrs? well, once u sorta get stuck, u go and goof of for a couple hrs. i started my hw @ 9pm. completed it @ 5am. and 90% of it was completed in the last 15mins. yucky.

there was a huge response to the car commercial i posted yesterday. everyone seemed to get a good kick outta it. if you missed it, check yesterday’s entry. ^_^x

i believe this was donated by mista. give this link to a friend: http://(name) (ie: but don’t be like mista and:

<+mista|eva> fuck
<+mista|eva> i sent it to this girl i like
<+mista|eva> does this mean that she will just think were just friends?
<+mista|eva> oh no!
<@Fantasy> FAILED PIMP!
<+mista|eva> bah its just a website
<+mista|eva> a flash website cant do anything, right? RIGHT?!?!
<@Krunk> uh, it can break or make a relationship ^_^x
<@Fantasy> paranoid

i found out earlier this week that the washing machines were broken and wouldn’t be fixed until Dec. 9th. yucky. but then again, we’re supposedly getting new ones in mid-December. hope they don’t raise the fee. $1 for washing machine and $1 for dryer is steep enough. hehe. ^_^x

thanks to esca for donating this sound clip. once again, our great president has made a fool outta himself. ^_^x

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