Final – Optional?

in the midst of today’s final, our GSI (TA in some universities; stands for graduate student instructor) took out one of those big 8-balls and said, “hmmmmmm, should i make this final optional?” of course we thought he was joking, so we continued our test. “The 8 ball says: All Signs Point to YES.” he goes on telling us that it was decided that the final was made optional and if it helps our grade, it’ll be included. else, they’ll discard it. One student asked what if the 8-ball said NO. our GSI said, he’d have shaken it again. in fact the class before already knew about this but was told not to tell us so we would study. dunno if this was a good thing or not. i spent 10 hrs studying… yucky and to find out this final was optional. i could’ve used that time to study for tomorrow’s final.

the answers to yesterday’s riddle:

Riddle 1: the entire riddle was meant to mislead you. the way you should think about this is that the 3 men paid a total of $30 and got $3 back ($1 for each person) yielding a net cost of $27. what the $2 the bellboy kept was the $2 extra that they paid. $27 – $2 = $25 (amount they should’ve paid).

Riddle 2: There is in fact 6 “F”s:
supposedly the F’s in the word OF is very hard for the human brain to acknowledge. i think it was because it doesn’t make the fa- sound. but who knows ;p

telebears has just been a nitemare lately. haven’t been able to access it online for 2 days already. and my telebears started monday. (for those that don’t know telebears, it’s berkeley’s class registration system). anyway, i finally gave up telebears online and went for the fone. got in on my first try and although it took me 30mins to figure out how to use the fone system, i got the remainder of the classes i want registered. here’s a temporary look of my next semester schedule.

welp, a close friend of mine (not sure if he wants me to say his name) made a donation (located on the left if you feel like giving in this jolly season ^_^x). however, those greedy bastards took everything! grrrrr. welp it was no use keeping $0.00 so i refunded the money. hehe.

paypal - 2 cents

welp, i’m heading for bed early today. g’nite ^_^zzz

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