Locked Out

wow, this past few days have been just an extended weekend for me with no hw and all play. liam came over today and we watched “Die Another Day” (dvd quality). above average action movie in my opinion. awesome sports cars, but the idea of that big gun was stolen from somewhere else which i don’t remember right now. most likely an anime i saw.

the worst thing happened to me today. after dinner, i got thirsty and decided to go to the convenience store next door. right after i closed my door, i realized i forgot my keys. worse of all, i was only armed with $2.25 (1 $1-bill and 5 quarters). this meant i had no cellphone, and no wallet (no access to soda = no access to computers). i went upstairs to my apartment manager’s room to see if she was in (but no one answered). i then went downstairs to check if snakescott was in, but apparently he went to study for his final. i didn’t really have much of a choice but wait for someone i knew return. meanwhile i was getting more and more thirsty. when i left the apartment complex i left a piece of cardboard keeping the front door ajar. swung right and bought myself an Arizona Ice Tea: Raspberry Flavor. Quickly returned and sat on the stairs awaiting snakescott or my apartment manager. oh yeah, at this point i’ve tried calling the emergency # on the telephone pad outside the building. both times i got an answering machine on my apartment manager’s cellphone and both times the telephone pad hung up right after it beeped for leaving a message. i couldn’t even leave a msg. =( so 2.5hrs i sat there, seeing people come up and down the stairs. a couple friend brought back a computer monitor. then there were these 2 guys that came to pick up their girlfriends. meanwhile i sat there in a t shirt and shorts (while it was raining outside). oh yeah, to keep myself busy, i was playing with the quarters i had and trying to enumerate the stuff i learned from cs70 (discrete math and one of the subjects we learned were probability and biased coins). i flipped the 6 coins i had (now 4 quarters, 1 nickel, and 1 dime after i bought my drink) 13x. 2 outta those 13x landed on all heads! what’s the possibility of that! hehe. then i was rolling the coins down the stairs. finally i heard the garage door opened. i was ooooooh! i sat there staring @ the door for what seemed like eternity. the my apartment manager walks in. i was like, “YES! Thank goodness!” i walked up to her and explained my situation and she said, “oh my, i’ll go open the door for you after i drop my groceries.” i offered to help her carry them up and she gladly accepted my offer. after she opened the door, she suggested i make a spare key and keep one in my wallet just in case. also another suggestion she made was that she’s clumsy like this too, so instead of locking the doorknob which u can do from the inside, she locks the the top latch, which requires a key if you’re trying to lock the door. good suggestions i must say. ^_^x glad that’s over.

finally the anime world is trickling back to life. Naruto 11 was released today. me very happy. me very bored for the past week. ^_^x

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