Faulty RAM

cd-mcc and slapshot came by today and we help troubleshoot his computer system which has been dead for the past month? maybe more? apparently after several motherboard replacements (4 times?), we found out today that it was in fact the ram’s problem. stupid generic ram, swore to god i’d never trust them anymore, after i found out it was what caused my system to crash every other day, to reboot automatically. after he successfully installed win98se then upgraded to winxp, we watched The Lawnmower Man. weird movie i’ve gotta say. interesting, but the computer graphix and design i must say were extremely lacking. then again, this movie was probably made like 10 years ago? supposedly there’s several sequels to this movie. i don’t intend to watch them @ this point, but who knows what might come up. ^_^x

then i watched Harry Potter – Chamber of Secrets (once again in dvd quality). it’s a good fun movie. meant for kids and family. then again, if you’ve read the book, u might not enjoy this as much since you already know who opened the chamber of secrets and who Tom Riddle is… ^_^x

oh yeah, when cd-mcc came back, he made up another tycoon. after reading these 2 tycoons, i think you’ll have a general sense of what type of humor he likes. ^_^x

thanks to lsiymle for donating this kawaiiiiiiii link link. the baby is so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! u can chk out more of their cool stuff on their homepage.

today was anime galore! new Hikaru no Go, Dragon Drive, Samurai Deeper Kyo and much much more! here’s some cute shots i captured from them:

dragon drive - pound fistsdragon drive - purple dragondragon drive - purple dragonhikaru no go - surprised sai and hikaru

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