New Laundry Machines!

last final tomorrow. wish me luck! going home tomorrow also (leaving berkeley around ~6pm; flight’s @ 8:30) page might not be updated for a month, maybe i’ll find time @ home to update. maybe… hehe ^_^x

thanks to madmacks for donating these links: pictures 1 & pictures 2. awesome photography i’ve gotta say. ^_^x

the laundry machines finally work. yes, my laundry has been accumulating for the past 4 weeks. but the new machines are Sears Kenmore. High Quality washers/dryers i’ve gotta say. worked pretty well too! ^_^x

Just watched Dragon Drive today and i extracted the following cute chibi pictures for your enjoyment:

dragon drive - staredragon drive - surpriseddragon drive - holddragon drive - tears

g’bye! cya back in LA. ~~~^_^x~~~

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