Keppel Visit

sorry about yesterday. was SOOOOOOOOO tired. didn’t sleep @ all the nite before. was awake for 27hrs. needed to get into keppel to do something for my parents. so when i saw the time was 6am, if i went to bed now, i wouldn’t be able to wake myself up in 2hrs. got into keppel but then i was trapped. i was a prisoner till 3pm.

during my visit @ keppel, i visited many of my old teachers. kimura’s doing pretty good. she in fact is teaching AB this year. supposedly there was an overflow of students wanting to take AB, so the 2 teachers (Dultz and Villanueva) wasn’t able to take them all. Parents were very concern about their kids not being able to take Calculus and once again Kimura was requested to teach part of AB. her calculus class(es) are going pretty well this year. BC is a bit behind tho from what she told me. she hasn’t even gotten into series and it’s Winter Packet time (remember how fun those were? ^_^x). this year her TA’s and special people got dwarfs from “the Disney Store”. i then went to visit Ms. McIntyre who was as sunbeamy (word does exist in as ever. then i visited Mrs. Breen. she’s retiring this january and needs to find a replacement fast (for those of you who took her class, might wanna go see her for the last time). supposedly if she retires this year she gets the most benefits. + her husband is really old and they plan to do some traveling before they “get too old to walk”. we chatted for awhile while her class took a quiz. (so cruel on the last day before winter break huh?) anyway, i noticed she had that christmas carol sheet on her desk. remember the pictures in boxes where you’re suppose to guess which christmas carol it was referring to and remember that roasted chestnut over the fire that we were never able to guess. hehe. she directed me to the back where all her Polaroids were. since she was retiring, she decided to return these Polaroids to anyone that wants them. i took a couple pictures of them but was unable find any that were mine! apparently both my siblings have mrs. breen and already took it for me. they only found 2 tho. i think i was suppose to have 4. oh well. the pictures have been posted below. i then went to visit mr farr. before i talk about him, lets backtrack. as you know mrs mango recently left because her husbands was diagnosed with cancer. it really was someone i missed seeing this trip back to keppel. maybe i should stop calling her mango and mangerino outta respect… anyway, kimura says mr farr is a lot happier these days. u know that door that connects to the science office to mr farr’s room. he finally unlocked it so now u can go to mango’s old classroom through the science office. he was always afraid that mango would pop into check on him. the new science head is mrs. tong who will soon be leaving and it’s most likely that mrs. hake will take over. i helped farr set up his lab for his Physic’s class. in this lab they were trying to find the specific heat of lead (Pb) by boiling the lead to 103°C (due to the brown water causing a higher boiling point) and immersing the lead into water @ room temperature to see how much heat was transfered. but he forgot to warning anyone that the lead was poisonous and on the plastic baggy itself, it says: after usage, please wash hands before sticking it in mouth. hehe. anyway, i met tons of ppl’s little siblings who are now seniors (crabyaple’s brother, sueon’s brother, amonkeyj’s brother, daizie’s brother – whom i almost didnt recognize). then there were other seniors who i knew about. pretty fun day i’ve gotta say, especially when i was feeling drunk due to lack of sleep.

Polariods from Mrs. Breen’s Room:
(Warning: Pictures 1-8 are > 2megs)

breen - sweetlilangel, sueonbreen - sueon, mmousebreen - ladydevilot, n0rybicbreen - mechy, pikakatbreen - amonkeyj, pikakat, edward, chrclfrost, rosenuance, mechy, kiwigirlbreen - crabyaple, ryawnbreen - selena, sweetlilangel, crabyaple, lucy, bobybearbreen - chrclfrost, n0rybicbreen - pengo, krunkbreen - krunk, mrsimmy

gomen gomen if i didn’t include your name.

after keppel, i went home and took a nap for 3hrs before my dad dragged me up to goto his company’s christmas dinner. got back @ 8pm and dropped dead on the bed till 9am this morning.

lilpebbles and selena dropped by today. lilpebbles needed her computer to get fixed. apparently her temp location was set incorrectly so nothing was able to be installed. easily fixed. they were discussing how guys and girls were equal in intelligence in strength while Selena’s brother argue guys were more superior. well, since it was 2 girls against 1 guy me. i kept my mouth shut. reason for argument was that girls want all these fancy jewelry that has no function. they argued that they have fancy jewelry and make-up to attract guys just like guys with nice clothes and cars. well her brother’s argument was that a car and clothing were actually practical, something required, while attracting girls could be a 2ndary reason. then lilpebbles chimes in that she learnt that girls are actually much better at handling emotions better than guys, supposedly that’s the reason girls give these 30 minute stories before getting to the point. have no idea why they correlate; in fact i see nothing wrong with getting straight to the point. ;p

thanks to ungsunghero for directing me to this awesome story. really good detective work i’ve gotta say. sounds like one of those Law and Order stories. (without the murder that is hehe) ^_^x

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