Christmas Shopping

was suppose to goto Disneyland today, but that got postponed to Jan. 1st because ladydevilot had a dentist apartment. welp, instead chung, jenny, ladydevilot and i went Christmas shopping. more like me just hanging around. although i’m still missing some presents, i wasn’t able to find what i was looking for. boooo. that malls were so cramped today. luckily we had good parking karma and found a parking space in no time. guess who we see when we enter the Macy’s in Santa Anita mall? good old mmouse! i’ve been asking why mmouse hasn’t been invited during the car ride and ladydevilot just said she forgot. after some peer pressure, we got mmouse to ditch his mom and join us. evil huh? hehe ^_^x. actually i think his mom was more than happy to get rid of him into our hands. so we walked around the mall just hanging around chking out stuff. i actually bumped into jenny (my neighbor) and kelly (a long lost friend who i recently caught up with last year when i went to visit UCLA). jenny was working @ the cinnabons place and kelly was working @ robinsons may. *thinking really hard on what else we did* oh yeah, just like what GAP told me, Disney had this mean old lady telling me photography was not allowed within the store. BOOOO! oh yeah, finally it came time for dinner. while we were waiting for ladydevilot to round up all here cute guy friends, we were roaming around the bookstore (forgot it’s name, but there should only be one in Santa Anita mall). we bumped into Byron!!! who was sitting there reading with 2 new pairs of shoes and a dress (wonder who that’s for *wink* *wink*). he claimed he was waiting for his mom to finish shopping. welp, then along came Derek (different from mmouse). he’s my roommate’s ee40 partner. and i’ve only met him about 3x. supposedly he lives in Pasadena. what a coincidence!!! chatted for awhile and mmouse was very surprised that there was another person with the same spelling of his name!

ladydevilot finally decided that we were going to olive garden for dinner. we met up with mike and Chris there. (remember me mentioning that she was rounding up all her cute guy friends – i wont go into too much detail of them since i believe going there is forbidden). when we were eating, i believe we saw Adrianna. well derek confirmed, i just noticed that girl looked extremely familiar. while leaving, we met Robert (a year before me and i’m known forever to him as Stonehenge Jackson – some war general i screwed up naming during those calculus after school nite study sessions and from that point on, i was marked). chatted for awhile and talked about how he was doing way better than high school and how is gpa is so high. (krunk looks @ his gpa. krunk starts crying… )o; ).

ladydevilot then decided that we were going to AI (Arcade Infinity?). didn’t play anything. i got a blast just outta watching. hehe. especially the para para paradise. i couldn’t stop myself from laughing.

there’s a new album with 6 pictures. ladydevilot looks funny in the last one. plus i also have 2 movies (each ~9megs) if you’re interested in seeing:
movie 1
movie 2

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