thank you lilpebbly for dropping off a bag of chocolates! well, i guess i’ll have to thank Selena for adding her ‘2 pieces’ ;p ^_^x

Krunk4Ever (12:00:57 AM): MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
Chingi Nud (12:01:38 AM): FantasySama (0:02:43):MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
Chingi Nud (12:01:39 AM): ahahaha
Krunk4Ever (12:01:42 AM): hehe
Chingi Nud (12:01:43 AM): talk about cut and paste
Krunk4Ever (12:01:47 AM): yep

if you were on aim ~12am PST and on my buddylist, u would’ve gotten that from me too! ^_^x i also unknowingly imed a couple ppl who were Jewish and they only celebrated Hanukkah, so HAPPY HANUKKAH!!! although it’s a bit late. hehe ^_^x

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