Grandma Getting Baptized

welp, how was everyone’s Christmas? spent most of my day @ the church because my grandmother was getting baptized. took a lot of pictures, but then all turned sour when my digicam says: No Image Found. the stupid SD Card (secure digital – a type of flash memory) still says 97megs used / 20megs free (it’s a 128mb SD card). just ordered another dazzle 6-in-1 reader from dell and hopefully it’ll be able to read the stupid pictures that my stupid camera can’t see. oh yeah, guess what! remember ms. lee (math teacher @ keppel). i saw her @ my grandmother’s church.

welp, the church had a luncheon afterwards till like 3:30pm. the food was so-so, but i was so tired by the time i got home, i slept till 2am. lol. welp, that’s how i spent my Christmas day. how did u spend yours? hehe.

also, the poll above will be end tomorrow. so if you haven’t voted yet, it’s your last chance. ^_^x

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