sorry about not updating last nite. was so tired, i went to sleep @ 10pm. or was it 9? was up since 2am the nite before cause i took a 10hr evening nap as i mentioned on my previous entry. the 26th was really fun. i went shopping with ungsunghero and hit Fry’s and Best Buy. Got myself an Seagate 80GB HD, Training Day DVD, and 100pk of Fuji CDRs. more Christmas presents for myself. ^_^x then like indecisive ungsunghero and i, we weren’t able to decide where to goto dinner. we drove from Pasadena’s Best Buy to Monterey Park, then to Puente Hills just to eat @ Jack in the Box. hehe. but it was ungsunghero’s treat, so that was cool. ^_^x Both Best Buys i went to were outta Swordfish. however, they’re still online. i wonder if i should get it. hmmmmmmm…..

i spent most of today filling out rebate forms and such. sending out a total of $70 worth of them. more coming in later in the week from staples.

well, according to cd-mcc, heifer is actually slang for skank/whore. it’s been used by rappers and such, but i personally dislike most rap songs. young cow is the real definition, and like other slangs that modify women, a couple of them are taken from words the describe animals. another interesting fact about that is that it doesn’t follow common English rules. meaning, u remember that phrase, “i before e, except after c“. well, this word breaks that rule. hehe.

i got myself an very expensive toy today, but i’m promised not to tell. chances of getting it is still a toss up. i hope i get it tho. ^_^x maybe when i get it i’ll tell you guys more about it. ^_^x

thanks to zuz for donating this awesome mp3: Lord of the Rings – Requiem. i couldn’t find much info about the song, but supposedly it’s from the 2nd movie: The Two Towers (have u seen it yet? if not it’s definitely worth a watch).

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