Rejection Sensitivity

thought of the day: ever got so meticulous with your music library that every single info on file has to be correct. the artist, the published date, the song title, the album title, the cover art, the composer? ever had it get so bad that when you couldn’t find out the song’s title or artist, you’d rather delete it from your library than keep it in there even though it sounds good?

i was studying for my psych midterm tomorrow and came across this fact: Harsh parental discipline predicts increase in children’s RS over a year. rejection sensitivity is described as a tendency to anticipate with dread and emotionally overreact to social rejection. i was just thinking, the 1st statement applies to probably 99% of them asian population. i wonder if all asians are high in rejection sensitivity. you can take the test here and score yourself: Rejection Sensitivity Questionnaire (RSQ). after thinking about this for awhile, i realize that maybe we are high rejection sensitivity, but we’re so good at avoiding it, we don’t really see the symptoms. u know the humbleness factor in asian cultures? well, to be humble avoids conflicts and by avoiding conflicts, you avoid rejection. those asians, a lot smarter than we originally thought. now they can apply strict discipline to their children, and avoid having messed up children when they grow up! now to tie this all up, for those that know me, i hate making decisions on where to eat and probably any suggestion anyone makes, i’d agree to. does that make me high on rejection sensitivity? i had initially thought girls were just better decision makers, but i find that to be untrue. i was talking to a friend awhile ago and said that if i was alone, i’d have no problem making a decision on where to go eat, but when i went out with a bunch of friends, it’d become so hard! he would tell me that everyday at lunch, his programming group at work would spend half an hour trying to decide where to eat standing in the lobby. i only know 3 of the people in that group and all of the are asians. but does this type of personality spread to other cultures?

so i started studying @ 9pm. it’s not 4am and i think i got about 1hr of studying done. been taking way too much breaks.

thanks to ungsunghero for donating this article: The Complete List of the 1,000 Top U.S. Schools. it’s just high schools, so there’s no confusion. here’s a list of interesting high schools i’ve picked out:

  • Rank | School | Location | State | Index | Subsidiezed lunches**
  • 21 | Troy* | Fullerton | Calif. | 4.165 | 1
  • 82 | Torrey Pines | San Diego | Calif. | 2.929 | 1
  • 117 | University | Irvine | Calif. | 2.614 | 1
  • 151 | San Marino | San Marino | Calif. | 2.494 | 0
  • 278 | Diamond Bar* | Diamond Bar | Calif. | 2.029 | 5
  • 301 | Arcadia | Arcadia | Calif. | 1.951 | 6.4
  • 451 | Mark Keppel | Alhambra | Calif. | 1.657 | 59.2
  • 609 | Alhambra | Alhambra | Calif. | 1.424 | 61.7
  • 718 | South Pasadena| South Pasadena| Calif.| 1.312 |12
  • 881 | Gabrielino (tie) | San Gabriel | Calif. | 1.157 | 60

* Gave IB tests. AP and IB participation rates are indicators of a school’s efforts to get students to excel and prepare for college. newsweek excluded schools with strict academic admissions criteria that prohibit motivated, average students from attending.
**Percent of student body that is eligible for free and reduced lunches, an indicator of socio-economic status. A number of 40 percent generally signifies a high concentration of children in poverty.

Mark Keppel actually dropped from 429 in 2003 to 451 this year. shucks. makes me wonder what we were ranked back in 2001 when we graduated.

forgot to mention i watched Saw a few days ago. pretty good movie. the ending was indeed shocking. and if you don’t think so, then that just means you haven’t seen the ending yet.

went online to get my weekly itunes freebies and notice gorillaz had a free sampler. have been so long since i’ve heard of them. so i went off on a tangent from studying to find out more info about that song i used to like. remember that music video? turns out the song was called Clint Eastwood. watch the music video here: Gorillaz ‘Clint Eastwood’. itunes only had the “clean” version of this song, so i decided against purchasing it.

got this link from /. : In-depth investigation of the “Cabir-in-Cars” myth. pretty good experimentation where they took a toyota prius underground and tried to hack the bluetooth system.

got these from pya!:

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