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forecasts say that we’ll be getting rain on and off for the next 2 weeks.

dmv is stupid. i sent in my change of address/move out of state form for my vehicle and id and guess what they mail me here in washington. a vehicle license renewal notice. sigh…

so my computer systems have finally been completely set up. it’s been setup for awhile, but it was today when i finally closed the case. no more hdds hanging out on the side. no more ghetto-rigging some computer fans. + i finally installed my seagate backup software, so my “documents and settings” folder, along with my “program files” folders will be backed up through the network onto my raid 5 drive. currently i have 760GB installed. add on my external 120GB and my spare 160GB, i’d have over 1TB! i’d have more, but i have to ship back my 200GB drive to wdc, because UPS made a snafu, where somehow the box i shipped with a hdd, foam, and papers became an empty box. but they’re paying the insurance claim, so i have no complaints for selling a used 200GB for $100, since i can probably get a new 300GB with that money. i’ve been having horrible shipping experiences lately. office depot screws up and my chair has yet to arrive for over 2 weeks. they did drop by on friday, but no one was around. my anime order never showed up, so i just faxed in my cc dispute supporting documents yesterday. and i’ve already mentioned that time when i ordered a raid card and it came with the box and manual, but the hardware itself was missing. leads me to think that the ups distribution center here might have something going on…

got this link from /. : Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning. a star trek parody. The first Finnish full-length scifi parody is made from astounding special effects, action and loads of dark humour. It is the product of a core group of five Finns and many people who’ve helped us during the seven years it has been in the making. You can download the entire movie by clicking here. For free, of course.

got this article from /. : What’s with them young whippersnappers? Canadians between the ages of 18 and 29 are much more willing than other age groups to make illegal copies of software programs, cheat on exams or even shoplift, an Environics poll suggests. Nearly 27 per cent of younger people surveyed said they would consider cheating on a test or exam, compared with 10 per cent of the general population. do keep in mind this “study” was done by the Canadian Recording Industry Association, canada’s RIAA equivalent. they seem to be trying to associate a relationship downloading illegal files with cheating or shoplifting.

got this article from yahoo: San Francisco Street Becomes Ski Jump. After several tons of trucked-in snow were dumped on two blocks of Fillmore Street, a section so steep that the sidewalks have built-in staircases, Moseley and friends drew a big crowd on the gorgeously sunny day, and their aerial tricks as they soared across Vallejo Street had the fans cheering.

got this article from yahoo: Bar Made From Arctic Ice Opens in London. A chilly bit of Scandinavia is coming to the heart of London’s West End Saturday with the opening of Absolut Icebar, a bar made entirely out of ice right down to the art on the walls and the glasses for the drinks.

got this article from yahoo: Media boasts land top hooker in jail. Canadian Natalia McLennan, 25, sobbed uncontrollably in Manhattan Criminal Court after she was unable to post $50,000 bail and was taken away in handcuffs to jail. … In that interview, she told the magazine she generated revenues of $1.5 million annually and kept 45 percent of that sum in return for having sex with high-roller clients of NY Confidential, a swanky Moroccan-themed brothel in Manhattan. what happened to the $1.5 million?

got thse from pya!:

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