Microwave Power Levels

what grinds my gears: how come microwaves don’t have a standard? P100 on this microwave doesn’t mean P100 on another microwave. 5 minutes cooking in this microwave at the same power level doesn’t equal the same 5 minutes in another microwave. for me, i always know to undercook in my microwave because setting the given amount of time always has overcooked anything i tried.

been a long day. tired. so short entry.

thanks to kharizma for donating this flash game: Poke the Penguin. try a few times, there’s different endings.

thanks to kharizma for donating this link: Bunny suicides. sad, yet cute.

got this article from yahoo: Doctor sued for sex treatment for back pain. An Oregon woman whose doctor convinced her that he could cure her lower back pain by having sex with her … and sent to jail for 60 days last year for charging the state’s Oregon Health Plan $5,000 for his 45-minute “treatments” involving the woman.

got this article from yahoo: Bogus work excuses on the rise: ‘God didn’t wake me’. Reasons not to show up for work ranged from: “I was too drunk to drive to work” to “I forgot I was getting married today.” One employee who did not believe in alarm clocks told the boss that “God didn’t wake me.”

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