Bureaucracy Stinks

Rapist claim ‘brought too late’ (from deadlock) – Mr Justice Jack ruled last week the decision was correct and on Friday said this was because the claim was made more six years after the assault. Mrs A was earlier ordered to pay around £100,000 towards Hoare’s legal costs. Stupid legal system. Sigh…

U.S. offers donated Katrina meals to othersEarly on, there was a need for about 500,000 readily packaged meals and the State Department asked its embassies worldwide to seek food donations. Britain was among the first countries to offer MREs. … An additional 33,000 MREs from Germany, Russia, Spain and France had also not been distributed to hurricane victims because of U.S. legal restrictions, Ereli said without elaborating. I can understand not accepting the British MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) because there’s a ban on cow import from England due to Mad Cow disease, but I can’t see any reason, besides the government being stubborn, to not distribue the other countries’ MREs when we really needed them.

Woman With $1.16 Tax Bill Faces $4K FineA woman who hasn’t paid a $1.16 income tax bill to this Cincinnati suburb faces up to 18 months in jail and $4,000 in fines. Though I’m not exactly sure of the situation, but it seems that this woman got numerous warnings, but just ignored them. On the other hand, it was just $1.16. How much money is going to be wasted trying to get this woman to pay that fee.

Random Crap:

World’s oldest noodles found — in ChinaItalians are known for them and theories suggest they may have originated in the Middle East but scientists said Wednesday the world’s oldest known noodles, dating back 4,000 years, were made in China. It’s always been rumored that pasta (aka noodles) was invented in China and brought over to Italy. I had always thought it was Marco Polo who introduced it, but I guess I was wrong. Legend has it that Marco Polo introduced to Italy some products from China, including ice cream, the piñata and pasta, especially spaghetti. However, these legends are highly dubious — for instance, there is evidence that pasta was known in Italy since antiquity. Another thing is… since this is food, shouldn’t it be bio-degradable. If so, why is it still intact after 4000 years?

So artemyst was complaining how slow his 50MB email upload was going, so I was trying to convince him that you should never really upload such a large file through email. 1. The mail protocols weren’t meant for transfering large amount of data (http wasn’t meant for that either) and 2. You can’t gaurantee the recipients will accept emails with such large attachments. I know most servers only allow upto 10MB attachments, though they might have gigs of email storage space. He then tells me, he’s really uploading to himself on GMail for backup purposes. So I then show him this tool which I’ve shown you guys before: GMail Drive shell extension. This little tool actually creates a drive in Windows Explorer for you so you can access files directly from your GMail account. Where it stores, I’m not really too sure. Though the last time I tried it, it was rather slow, but expected.

So I played more Fable today. Several hours actually. I’ve been waiting since this morning when I woke up and was thinking I wanna go home to play Fable. Haha. So yah, if you were looking for me between the hours of 9pm and 12am, I probably had an away message up stating I was playing a game which required my full screen.

I guess the content rights to the video with Bill Gates and Napoleon Dynamite finally reliquished it and allowed people to post it online: Bill Gates Goes to College. Just like Napoleon Dynamite the movie, it requires a specific sense of humor to enjoy. Either you love it or you hate it. hehe.

The latest Las Vegas attraction: sumo wrestlersThe daily life of a sumo wrestler mainly involves waking up early, skipping breakfast, and practising intensely in the morning. They then eat hearty stew-based meals with plenty of rice, then sleep in the afternoon to bulk up. – besides the waking up early, it sounds like a pretty sweet life!

Dude! I need to got watch Serenity. It’s been out for 2 weeks and I still haven’t seen it. grrrrrrrr. To promote the movie, they released the 1st 9 minutes of the movie online. Probably to attract more viewers. Opening week, Serenity ranked #2. This week, they’re currently ranked #8. Go watch the movie if you haven’t.

New gadget to make theft of mobile phones harderFinnish scientists have invented a device to make it harder to steal mobile phones and laptops by enabling them to detect changes in their owner’s walking style and then freeze to prevent unauthorized use. 1st of all, as someone who has lost his cell phone in the past, I don’t understand why cell phone service providers don’t help you track down your stolen cell phone. Instead they tell you to lock you account to prevent abuse or else you’ll be liable for the charges. Cell phone tracking technology (triangulation) has been available for quite some time. 2nd, you really think locking the cell phone would deter thiefs from stealing them? They’ll probably just reflash the phone and WA-LA. 3rd, detecting difference in walking patterns isn’t really useful. What if you lend your cell phone to a friend? What if you injured your leg or foot? What this does is just create inconvenience for the consumer, while not for the thief.

What art is hiding on your microchip? (from /.) – That was just the start of a catalog that now holds more than 100 images of extremely small automobiles, dinosaurs, birds of prey, cartoon characters and even a wedding announcement silhouette–all tucked away among microchip circuits. Davidson calls the collection the Silicon Zoo.

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