Poker Game

So I went to play poker with my fellow colleagues again. Met some new friends. There was 7 of us all playing and the blinds were $0.05/$0.10 and no limit, which as you remember I liked over tournament style. Poker was rather slow today. Not many great hands. Not that many all-ins. I was up $15 at one point, but I only ended up winning $3 in the end. For the last half hour, I was basically trying to stay above my buy-in, so I was extremely conservative. Guess luck just wasn’t with me today. Logan on the other hand was up $67. Thank god that wasn’t my money.

So who was I talking to about never seeing catfish on a restaurant menu? Welp, we went to an Irish/Cajun restaurant after the game, and Blackened Catfish was one of the items on the menu. I think it was Vandel which said freshwater fish were hardly eaten and practically never shows up on any restaurant menu. I think the 2 examples of freshwater fish we came up with was trout and catfish. I argued that catfish was common at Chinese restaurants and it was in fact one of my favorite dishes that my mom makes. Welp, I ordered the catfish at this place and I’ve gotta say, it wasn’t as smooth? slippery? (滑 – don’t really what the correct english term to describe food is) as I expected. It was good, but my mom’s catfish is many many times better. Though they did have this excellent sauce I dipped it in. Dunno what it was though.

Random Crap:

I found this very cute music video: Fatboy Slim – The Joker. The video for The Joker is, as you’d expect for Fatboy Slim, very special indeed. Jon Watts returns after the success of his Wonderful Night video to direct hundreds of kittens in a rights of passage tale…it has to be seen to be believed. Tons of cute kittens! Though they are indeed cute, but they will one day become evil!!!

Online Retailer Skips Sales Tax? You Might Sue (from ungsunghero). Like many shoppers, attorney Stephen Diamond buys lots of stuff online. But unlike other consumers, he sues retailers that don’t charge him state and local sales taxes — and is making a profit doing it. … Mr. Diamond’s first eight suits were filed against such retailers as Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Office Depot Inc. and KB Toys Inc. He has netted about a half-million dollars already, from some retailers. Because of settlement agreements between the retailers and the attorney general’s office, the state’s judges have agreed to keep the names of most of the retailers and the settlement amounts confidential. More than 80 suits are pending in Illinois, and Mr. Diamond has made forays into other states as well. This man is going to speed up the process of getting some internet tax law passed. What’s the phrase where one man wins and everyone else loses?

pya! images/videos/games will have to be links for now until I find a way to integrate my scripts with wordpress. Do note my English transations may not correspond literally with the Japanese because sometimes those titles just don’t make sense.

(img) 景気が落ちました – Jumbo muffin crushes car
(img) 旗上げゲーム – Cute bunny playing flag game
(img) HEEEEYYYY ァァあァんまりだァァアァ – Tree/Skeleton hybrid art
(img) 配送車 – Coke can delivery truck
(flash) 狙うは豪邸 – Mansion Impossible – a fun little game. quite easy to win though.
(img) 乗り込めない – Lego battleship
(img) 右?左?- Right? Left? – which way are the hearts spinning?
(img) あむあむ – Cute puppy sucking on finger
(img) どっちやねん! – Coca Cola tags on top of Pepsi cans – コカコーラ = Coca Cola in katakana.

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