Haha! I just learnt what [sic] means. I was reading an article and there was this quote: Just installing all the “privates” on your PC may make you [sic] machine LESS stable and will also put you out of support from Microsoft or an OEM as you are installing incorrectly issued private hotfixes. I always assumed [sic] replaces a curse word, but this sentence didn’t make sense no matter what curse word I replace [sic] with. It turns out [sic] means the word before the [sic] was incorrectly spelled, which in this case, you should be your.

Wikipedia states: [sic] Short hand indicating that a quoted source contains an error. For example, “I’ve missspelled this” becomes “I’ve missspelled [sic] this”, when quoted by a later author who sees the spelling error and wishes to indicate that the source material contained the error, it was not introduced by the quoting author.

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