So Tekman invited me to watch Serenity tonight. As you may have noticed, I’ve been dying to watch it. If you haven’t watched, GO SEE IT. I thought you needed to watch the series first to understand it, but all the info you need for understanding the story is incorporated into the movie. Watch the trailer here. I also posted the 9 minute high quality intro to Serenity a few days ago, so you might wanna check that out too. Though I do have to say, watching the movie will revewal a lot about the series. If you’re planning to watch the series at all, you might want to watch the series before watching the movie. The TV series is short, only 13ish episodes.

serenity poster

Many people have heard this series is a western in space and others say it’s very similar to Cowboy Bebop if you’re into anime. Personally, it was neither of those that attracted me. It was the values that the characters held that made the series so attractive. You may argue that these values are common in western series, but I’d have to argue the values the characters hold can be in any series and I’ve defintely see such values in many different genres of anime series. I’d have to say, if you’re an anime fan, you might want to check out the following 2 series: Trigun and Rurouni Kenshin.

SPOILERS!!! I was quite disappointed, actually that’s an understatement, more like extremely disappointed with what Captain Malcom Reynolds did to the guy during his escape from the 1st heist. Zoe did bring up a good point regarding the payload. I guess he did redeem himself somewhat later on, but my respect for him is wavering.

Welp, I won’t say much more than that so to not spoil it for you. If you haven’t seen it yet, GO WATCH IT!!!

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