Fable on Steriods

So I’ve played several more hours of fable today. It’s so good! I’ve actually been itching to play since I woke up this morning. Probably even in my dreams too, but I don’t remember it anymore. My 24″ LCD is coming in tomorrow!!! YAY! I’m probably going to set up my Philips external sound processor and Logitec X530 5.1 speakers. Fable on steriods is going to be awesome!!!

Random Crap:

Water Bridge (from deadlock) – The photograph displayed above is one of a real structure, a kilometer-long “concrete bathtub” water bridge over the Elbe River in Germany that joins the Elbe-Havel canal to the Mittelland canal near the eastern town of Magdeburg. Pretty amazing since this is indeed real.

Here’s my pya! flood:

(video) ミミック – Pranks – I literally laughed out loud seeing all the people jump back.
(img) ON – 40% ON! – I guess Off is out and On is in.
(img) この中に一匹怖気づいてるやつがおる!クマー – Smart Bears – why bother trying to catch food, when food will jump into your mouth.
(img) ガリガリ君 – Lion Tamer – Always feed your lions and make sure they’re full before you put on your act as a lion tamer.
(img) ピットイン – Pin the Wheel on the Race Car – Guess donkeys aren’t popular enough anymore, but F1 race cars are!
(img) 木製PC – Wooden PC I wonder if it’s real.

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