Working from home

I didn’t feel too well this morning, so I slept in and decided to work from home. I think it’s because of the sleep deprivation I got from playing too much Fable made my body weak. But working home is pretty sweet! Took me awhlie to get my Private Network Connection working, but once that was working, everything else went pretty smooth. Another cool thing was I was able to forward all my office calls to my home phone just by right clicking the Office Communicator software on my laptop and click Call Forwarding: ON and select a # for it to forward to. It actually work because I actually got a few calls. I really love the integration we have with IM, phone and email.

Then there’s all the bonuses of working from home like wearing PJs, not showering or brushing your teeth, and blasting your music.

I was sad however, that UPS delayed my LCD shipment once again. But now it makes sense. I finally see that it has past Portland, OR and arrived at the Redmond, WA distribution center. Unfortunately, no one’s going to be around here tomorrow. For some reason, the leasing office is taking a day off tomorrow.

Random Crap:

poker - quads vs straight flush
Texas Holdem Poker – Quads vs Striaght Flush
Such a painful way to be sucked out.
(from ungsunghero – who claims he was neither player)

So they unvieled the Video iPod earlier this week. Ars Technica did a full review and dissection of the monster. It’s pretty, but not iPod Nano pretty and my 3g (3rd gen) is sufficient as my bulk mp3 player. I like how they did a thickness comparison:

ipod thickness comparison
From left to right: 4G, 3G, and 5G iPod

Just thought it was interesting that the 4G was thicker than the 3G, but I guess that’s because of the 60GB vs 30GB hdd.

World’s Most Elusive Rat Dead After 18-Week Chase (from cari) – article was actually pretty funny, but I was pretty weirded out with this statement: Different methods were used on Otata: buried traps, peanut butter, poison and even trained dogs. Not until more than four months after its release was the rat finally killed, in a trap baited with fresh penguin. Who knew rats were into fresh penguin meat and who the heck came up with such an idea in the 1st place.

More pya!:

(img) おっ・・・落ちる・・・ – Amazing Snail – I wonder how it managed to stretch itself to reach to the other side. It sounds like that giraffe who wished he had a longer neck to reach the leaves at the top of the trees.
(video) 眠いnya – Sleepy Kitten – pretty cute kitty
(video) 舞空術 – The Art of Floating in Air – video wasn’t that interesting, but it must’ve taken them a long time to take that many photos to compile this video.

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