Week at work

This week at work was pretty tough. On Thursday, I worked from 11am to 10pm (3hour in between was lunch and dinner and breaks), but I was so tired by the time I got home on, I pretty much plopped onto my bed. Slept from 1am to 10:20am this morning. A good 9 solid hours of sleep. I’ll probably have to put in a few extra hours this weekend, but it shouldn’t be a biggy.

Today, the Microsoft Give Campaign held a poker tournament, and a bunch of us decided to join. It was $50 donated to charity and Microsoft matched it. I heard the prize was a trophy. I think the tournament started with 8 or 10 tables of 10 people each. I lasted all the way down to 3 tables and got sucked out on the river. I had AQ and my opponent had AJ, both unsuited and somehow he managed to pick up the flush on the river. Sigh… Oh well, it was for charity. I did have some miraculous hands bringing me back from the dead twice. I think I lasted the longest from the my group of people who went. There was free pizza and snacks.

So my LCD finally arrives today. It came yesterday, but no one was around to sign for it. But it’s currently in the leasing office and I’ll have to pick it up tomorrow morning, most likely afternoon, maybe evening, depending on when I wake up. I did finally setup my Logitech X-530 5.1 speakers with my Philips External Sound Processor. I think there’s actually something wrong with the sound processor because the back speakers aren’t working, but the speaker system works fine with my SoundBlaster Live!

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