Tony Takitani

Went to watch tony takitani (トニー滝谷) with CDMCC and Elizabeth tonight. Movie was beautifully shot and the storyline was pretty interesting. However, the movie moved awfully slow and what was only 75mins seemed like 2 hours. I actually fell asleep for a small chunk of the movie.


The story starts off with some World War II background info, but it wasn’t really that important. The story really begins when a Japanese couple has a boy and mom dies a few days later. The father decided to name him Tony believing an American name will make it easier for him to survive in the new world after the World War. However, this actually made him an outcast, since many still had a grudge against the Americans for their nuclear bombings. So since early in life, Tony was secluded and alone. He was an amazing drawer and when he grew up, he ended up as a technical drawer, specialized in machines. The story then moves on to his meeting of a woman, who was obsessed with buying clothings. He really liked how the clothes complimented the woman and after a few dates, he proposed. Initally she rejected because she had already been seeing someone else and their age were 15 years apart, but she finally accepted when Tony told her what made her so special. In the beginning, Tony was fearing for life. He was no longer alone, and can’t bear to see him ever returning to that state. The wife was very content and happy with her husband, but her obsession with buying clothes continued. Then there was a accident and the story becomes extremely depressing from that point on.

It’s not a movie I’d recommend if you’re looking for something fun and light. This movie’s pretty heavy and I would suggest that you watch it when you’re not sleepy cause it’s definitely a sleep inducer if you’re even a bit tired.

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