pya! FLOOD

First check out my browser with all my pya! tabs. This was a little less than a 3rd of what I browsed through today:

pya! tabs

It’s been awhile since I posted pya! stuff, so here’s the pya! FLOOD!

(img) Windows FanClub
(img) ハロウィン – Halloween Pumpkins – a great assortment of different jack-o-laterns.
(img) ボート – Boat in the middle of Beauty – wow! the scenery is so beautiful!
(vid) 武道家たち – Kung Fu Bloopers – a funny compilation of martial arts mishaps.
(vid) 出来る男 – Handsome Young Man – a parody commercial for Microsoft Live Meeting.
(img) パラパラ – Baby Puppies – they’re so cute!
(img) 回りゃいい – Extended Wheel – when you’re too cheap to see a mechanic.
(img) 降りれないnya… – What if I fall? – a cat ponders to jump or not.
(img) 何億?- Line of Ferraris
(img) レーシングゲーム – Racing Game – when modding goes beyond just the computer.
(img) トラップ – Trap – looking at the image, wouldn’t the door open the incorrect way?
(img) バット – Giant Baseball Bat
(img) 隊員 – Female Soldiers – Choose a country. Take your pick.
(vid) 炎上した車が・・・ – Flaming HotWheel – … enters your butt.
(img) トランスフォーマー – Transformer – from a Subaru WRX.
(vid) (=゚ω゚)ノぃょぅnya – Cute Kittens
(flash) マイケルブラザーズ – Michael Brothers – a parody flash between the Michael Jackson game and Super Mario Brothers. Do remember to hit ‘B’ at the end.
(img) キックキックキックキック – Kick Kick Kick Kick – real female street fighters.
(img) 「……」 「……」 – Big faces on top of Tall Cliffs

Random Crap:

What Grinds My Gears: (from msticazn) You ever had to remote desktop from a machine with a different screen resolution to your main computer? Welp, notice how your desktop icons get screwed up? On top of that, they also screw up the window sizings, where my aim buddy list would be shrunk to fit on a smaller resolution. I really wish there was a way where window and desktop icon settings would be saved per resolution size. Maybe I should suggest that to the Terminal Services group. Now that sounds like an idea!

Ask Ars: baby monitors vetted by geeks – You know you’re a geek when you read that and think of tiny portable LCDs.

Bargain-Hunting Tips: Shower With the DogOne, possibly embittered, contestant advised: “Do not give money to your wife. Do not give money to your wife. Do not give money to your wife. Get the hint!” I like how this guy thinks! Women, meanwhile, were advised to spend their husband’s money and save theirs, to confiscate their husband’s credit cards and avoid the misery of marrying a skinflint. See! Women are evil! They take money from men so they don’t have to use their own. On the other hand, the men’s advice was to keep money away from the women, not take money from them.

‘Sick worker’ malady may be early RSI signEarly nerve damage caused by repetitive motion on the job can cause “sick worker” syndrome, a fatigue or depression that can be mistaken for poor work performance, according to a study published in this month’s Journal of Neuroimmunology. So that’s why programmers so easily get sidetracked! And I thought it was because of the internet.

Waterbed Prank (from deadlock) – hilarious video of people at a furniture store testing out beds and this water bed is REALLY WATER!

How to become l33t (from tera) – How to become a l33t person, a status that will bring you friends, glory, money and most importantly the funding to buy lots and lots of boxen and give you access to what you want whenever you want … l33t means elite, the “best of the best”. For some people, the n00bs, l33t and n00b means nothing. If you do not understand n00b and l33t, you are a n00b. n00bs are not allowed to read this page, go away!

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