Alchemists and the Philosopher’s Stone

So I was reading /. today an came across an interesting reply:

See, the alchemists have SEARCHED for the Philosopher’s stone for centuries.

FINDING, on the other hand… is a very different business!

For those that watch Full Metal Alchemist, you’ll recall that the Philosopher’s Stone was those red shards of stones that the homunculus had to eat to continue living. They also gave alchemists a great deal of power when used in conjucntion to their alchemy. The quote above did not seem to bee referencing FMA at all. So I did a search on alchemist and philsopher’s stone and it turns out the philosopher’s stone is considered the holy grail of western alchemy. There’s also a wikipedia article on it. It’s quite shocking to realize that they actually did their homework and made references to real things. Real in the sense that these things were “believed” to have existed and would’ve helped alchemists achieve their goal.

Speaking of /., there was this awesome quote:

The first game I had for Nintendo was two murderous games in one:

One where you leave a trail of death behind as you fight to rescue the human oppressor that subjugates the indiginous fungo-sapien population.

And the other where you blow the crap out of ducks and, after missing a few times, attempt to blast the smartass dog.

I don’t even want to think about the mass genocide in Metroid…

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