Bleach Episode 54

Bleach Episode 54

What a great episode of Bleach! Makes me want to download 55 from a group I don’t support just to watch it. The story is only getting better and many times I’ve wanted to jump over to the manga, but I’ve been able to have good self control. Haha. Last we heard, Ichigo was still trying to master his Bankai…



Right off the bat in this episode, Rukia is just about to be executed. When Soukyoku, the execution sword, was released, it became a flaming phoenix. What’s even great about this episode was there wasn’t much wasted time on reflection and flashback. There was a bit, but not much. Suddenly someone comes in and blocks the sword from cutting through Rukia. Who was this? I know who it is, but you’ll have to watch it to figure out. Rukia’s captain seems to have unsealed something which I’m not too sure and it was powerful enough to take down Soukyoku, or at least disintegrate it for the mean time. Ichigo comes out, which I’m guessing he has already mastered his Bankai. Though how, it hasn’t been explained yet. You also find out another character is good and well and Ichigo sends Rukia off with him while he holds back the enemy.

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