Massacre in Fable Land

Before reading this, you might want to know ungsunghero was really really drunk.

DISCLAIMER: This conversation in no way depicts how we act in real life. Neither of us has multiple wives nor like beating women. I do have a sword though… hmmmmmm. Decapitating someone does sound extremely fun…

Krunk4Ever: i’m married to 3 woman right now.
ungsunghero: hahaha
Krunk4Ever: one in each village
Krunk4Ever: though i want to get rid of one.
ungsunghero: being a b!tch?
Krunk4Ever: well
Krunk4Ever: just wanted a way to dump one ;p
ungsunghero: kill her
Krunk4Ever: that’s mean
ungsunghero: you’ll get like -60000 alignment
ungsunghero: punch her around
ungsunghero: flirt in front of her
ungsunghero: eventually she’ll hate it
ungsunghero: and leave you
Krunk4Ever: she’ll hate em?
Krunk4Ever: me*
ungsunghero: yes
Krunk4Ever: haha
Krunk4Ever: right now
Krunk4Ever: all i get is
Krunk4Ever: i’m the luckiest girl in the world
ungsunghero: damn
ungsunghero: she must really really like you
ungsunghero: i know
ungsunghero: lower your attractiveness
Krunk4Ever: and i do flirt and do arm pumps in front of her
ungsunghero: raise your scariness, if you can
ungsunghero: are you flirting with her? or other girls?
Krunk4Ever: oh u want me to flirt w/ other girls
Krunk4Ever: well
ungsunghero: yes!
Krunk4Ever: i did that too
ungsunghero: give other girls gifts too
Krunk4Ever: and now all they ask me are for wedding rights
Krunk4Ever: so i dont bother
Krunk4Ever: flirting anymore
ungsunghero: punch her then
Krunk4Ever: haha
Krunk4Ever: that’s mean
ungsunghero: look
ungsunghero: you want her out of your life, right?
ungsunghero: oh i know
ungsunghero: the #1 easiest way to do it is
ungsunghero: sell your house
ungsunghero: w/no house, she won’t stay
Krunk4Ever: i dont think u can sell the house
Krunk4Ever: once u marry
ungsunghero: damn
ungsunghero: i think you’re right
Krunk4Ever: i was looking for tha sign
Krunk4Ever: but it disappeared!
ungsunghero: i know
ungsunghero: can you have her follow you out of town?
Krunk4Ever: what happens then?
Krunk4Ever: take her to a place w/ monsters?
ungsunghero: have her get killed by an enemy
Krunk4Ever: and get her attacked?
ungsunghero: hahahah
ungsunghero: yes!
ungsunghero: dude
Krunk4Ever: haha
ungsunghero: try it!
Krunk4Ever: interesting…
ungsunghero: worst case scenario…it doesn’t work
Krunk4Ever: when u have the follow me on
Krunk4Ever: does guild seal
Krunk4Ever: take them elsewhere too?
ungsunghero: i believe so
ungsunghero: if not, just walk
Krunk4Ever: i was wondering what happens if she follows meto another city where i have a wife
ungsunghero: catfight!
ungsunghero: man
ungsunghero: you got me thinking
ungsunghero: lady grey once told me, after we were married, that if i even thought about flirting with another woman, she’d cut her head off
ungsunghero: hmmmmmmm
Krunk4Ever: haha

Krunk4Ever: i feel bad now
Krunk4Ever: my wife just gave me a chainmail
Krunk4Ever: when i met her
ungsunghero: dude
ungsunghero: at that stage in the game?
ungsunghero: what a crappy gift!
ungsunghero: off with her head!
Krunk4Ever: haha
Krunk4Ever: boo
ungsunghero: no luck?
Krunk4Ever: teleporation didnt work
ungsunghero: what about just walking out?
Krunk4Ever: and i dont feel like walking the whole thing
ungsunghero: go to oakvale
ungsunghero: if you have a wife there, the first city out should have enemies
Krunk4Ever: nope
Krunk4Ever: wont leave the city
ungsunghero: eh
ungsunghero: just shoot her with an arrow, dammit
Krunk4Ever: haha
Krunk4Ever: and run away?
ungsunghero: guild seal
Krunk4Ever: so i decapitated my wife
Krunk4Ever: with an arrow to the head
Krunk4Ever: 2000 secs tho
ungsunghero: 2000 seconds?
Krunk4Ever: or was the the price i have to pay
Krunk4Ever: if the guards catch me
Krunk4Ever: haha
ungsunghero: just stay away from the town for a real long time
ungsunghero: how much alignment did you “lose”?
Krunk4Ever: actually
Krunk4Ever: i’m still 100% good
Krunk4Ever: and i just gave a wedding ring to another woman
Krunk4Ever: in another town
ungsunghero: haha
Krunk4Ever: bowersstone
ungsunghero: you man slut
Krunk4Ever: and now she wants a house
Krunk4Ever: but i already have a wife already
Krunk4Ever: hmm
ungsunghero: too bad you didn’t marry lady grey
Krunk4Ever: coiuldnt get a man to like me tho
Krunk4Ever: so i could marry him
ungsunghero: i wonder what that says about MY character
Krunk4Ever: couldnt*
Krunk4Ever: so to kill my wife in bowerstone
Krunk4Ever: i’d have to punch her huh?
ungsunghero: hmmm
ungsunghero: i guess you can’t
Krunk4Ever: haha!!!
Krunk4Ever: i got her to divorce me
ungsunghero: by beating her?
Krunk4Ever: i just kept punch her
Krunk4Ever: yah
ungsunghero: then what happened?
ungsunghero: does she actually say anything?
Krunk4Ever: so i find out my wife can take a beating
Krunk4Ever: i think i’ve thrown 30+ punches and kicks
Krunk4Ever: even when she fainted
Krunk4Ever: she starts yelling and stuff
Krunk4Ever: and says
Krunk4Ever: what are u doing?
Krunk4Ever: stop this imemdiately
Krunk4Ever: and then the screen shows that she divorces me
Krunk4Ever: and now is renting my apartment
ungsunghero: haha
ungsunghero: i gotta try that
Krunk4Ever: i lost a block of good alignment tho
ungsunghero: wow
ungsunghero: oh well
ungsunghero: i’m not saving
ungsunghero: so i don’t care
Krunk4Ever: hehe
Krunk4Ever: so u do get ur hosue back
Krunk4Ever: if u kill ur wife ;p
ungsunghero: dude
ungsunghero: i can’t kill lady grey
Krunk4Ever: haha
ungsunghero: and all the guards are on me
ungsunghero: but she keeps saying “i’ll divorce you!”
Krunk4Ever: well
ungsunghero: and my other wife died after like 5 punches
Krunk4Ever: wow
Krunk4Ever: i guess my wife could take a beatingthen
ungsunghero: bwhhahahahaa
ungsunghero: stupid guards
ungsunghero: they were trying to shoot me
ungsunghero: and they killed lady grey
Krunk4Ever: haha
ungsunghero: so at any time did the ring icon disappear from your wife’s head?
Krunk4Ever: yeah
Krunk4Ever: when she divorced me
ungsunghero: damn
ungsunghero: i can’t even get that
Krunk4Ever: and beat her in the private of ur own home
Krunk4Ever: where no one else can see u
Krunk4Ever: cause no guards were on me ;p
ungsunghero: i did that
ungsunghero: and she died!
Krunk4Ever: i c
ungsunghero: hmmm
ungsunghero: since i didn’t kill lady grey
ungsunghero: apparently i only get assault
Krunk4Ever: haha
ungsunghero: this game is not very well written
ungsunghero: do they realize that their mayor is dead???
Krunk4Ever: haha
Krunk4Ever: im the mayor
Krunk4Ever: so they dont really care ;p
ungsunghero: lucky you
ungsunghero: i’m reloading
ungsunghero: time to try again
ungsunghero: maybe i should start a barfight
ungsunghero: notice how quickly the demeanor of your wife changes with one punch
Krunk4Ever: hmmm
Krunk4Ever: i did realize
Krunk4Ever: i did nt give her a chanceto speak
Krunk4Ever: i was trying to kill her
Krunk4Ever: didnt* realize
ungsunghero: oh oh
ungsunghero: after like 3 punches
ungsunghero: now i got her pissed
Krunk4Ever: hehe
ungsunghero: lol
ungsunghero: she just said “i can run off with the innkeeper”
Krunk4Ever: haha
ungsunghero: dude
ungsunghero: she won’t divorce me
ungsunghero: i killed her again!
Krunk4Ever: haha
ungsunghero: that’s it
ungsunghero: i’m hacking away at the bar
Krunk4Ever: haha
ungsunghero: oh my
ungsunghero: apparently it’s 2000 gold per guard you kill
ungsunghero: and i’m killing them with one stab
Krunk4Ever: it’s 2000 gold
Krunk4Ever: per person u kill
Krunk4Ever: not just a guard
ungsunghero: oh
Krunk4Ever: well
ungsunghero: haha
Krunk4Ever: my wife cost 2000
Krunk4Ever: though im pretty sure it’s per kill
ungsunghero: and i have a life augmentation on my sword
ungsunghero: so any damage they inflict on me
ungsunghero: i heal pretty quickly 😛
Krunk4Ever: hehe
ungsunghero: the guards don’t stop, do they?
Krunk4Ever: um..
Krunk4Ever: i guess they will
Krunk4Ever: if u kill all of them right
ungsunghero: nope
ungsunghero: they keep spawning
Krunk4Ever: interesting
Krunk4Ever: what i want to know
Krunk4Ever: is what happens if u kill the innkeeper
Krunk4Ever: or the blacksmith
Krunk4Ever: do they regenerate?
ungsunghero: nope
Krunk4Ever: the next time u come into town?
ungsunghero: oh
ungsunghero: maybe
ungsunghero: not that i’ll ever be allowed back 😛
Krunk4Ever: just wait 3 mins
Krunk4Ever: ;p
ungsunghero: interesting
Krunk4Ever: and no one will remember a thing
ungsunghero: as you kill civs
ungsunghero: you can buy buildings
Krunk4Ever: really?
Krunk4Ever: wow
ungsunghero: i just bought the bar
Krunk4Ever: haha
ungsunghero: the weird thing is
ungsunghero: i killed everyone
ungsunghero: why should i have to buy it?
Krunk4Ever: can u kill those game ppl
ungsunghero: yeah

ungsunghero: and at the rate i’m going
ungsunghero: i’m buying the whole town
ungsunghero: booooooo
ungsunghero: the shopowner hid all his goods!

ungsunghero: time to cause trouble at bowerstone
Krunk4Ever: haha
Krunk4Ever: south or north?
ungsunghero: damn
ungsunghero: not sure how to kill the guards w/o a sword
Krunk4Ever: they locked u out?
Krunk4Ever: ah
Krunk4Ever: punches.
ungsunghero: lol
Krunk4Ever: the wife that i couldnt kill
Krunk4Ever: was in bowerstone south
ungsunghero: she asked for a surprise gift
ungsunghero: i gave her one
Krunk4Ever: who’s she?
Krunk4Ever: ur wife?
ungsunghero: lady grey in this case
Krunk4Ever: i thought she died…
ungsunghero: i reloaded
Krunk4Ever: ah i c
ungsunghero: finally
ungsunghero: i got divorced
ungsunghero: now to kill her
Krunk4Ever: haha
ungsunghero: wow she can take a beating
Krunk4Ever: she’s probabl an important npc
ungsunghero: but she got killed before
ungsunghero: albeit not by me
Krunk4Ever: hehe
ungsunghero: lol
ungsunghero: the only way to kill her is to have a guard do it
ungsunghero: or hire an NPC
Krunk4Ever: ha
Krunk4Ever: ah*
ungsunghero: wth
ungsunghero: you can kill someone
ungsunghero: pay the filne
ungsunghero: fine*
ungsunghero: get tossed from the city
ungsunghero: and come right back in???
Krunk4Ever: yah
Krunk4Ever: u payed the fine already
ungsunghero: that’s freaking funny
ungsunghero: lol
ungsunghero: no cutscene when you marry a guy
Krunk4Ever: hahahahaha
ungsunghero: you can bet what i’m trying to do next
Krunk4Ever: not too sure
Krunk4Ever: kill the people in the guild?
ungsunghero: marriage…
ungsunghero: house…
ungsunghero: bed…?
Krunk4Ever: hahahaha
ungsunghero: OMG
ungsunghero: it works!
Krunk4Ever: does he go YES! YES!
ungsunghero: lol!!!
ungsunghero: “that’s quite nice!”
ungsunghero: “oh gosh!”
Krunk4Ever: hahaha
ungsunghero: and then he finishes with “i can see why you’re a hero!”
ungsunghero: bwhahahahaha
Krunk4Ever: “i’d think a hero would’ve had a bigger *beep*”
ungsunghero: nah
ungsunghero: no insults here
Krunk4Ever: awww
ungsunghero: all compliments

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  1. Well if anyone see’s this, I did the glitch for extra evil after you have reached the limit and I’ve started sprouting wings.. there only baby size at the moment and lady gray thinks there ugly so I hit her and now she hates me.

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