Bleach Episode 55

Bleach Episode 55

Yet another amazing episode of Bleach. Too much happened in this episode. Many war fronts started which means what will usually happen is the next dozen episodes will be jumping back and forth between these fights and it’ll take an age before this whole thing wraps up.



So while Renji is running away with Rukia explaining to her why everyone is trying to help and that she needs to learn how to rely on others when she needs help, the fight between Ichigo and Byakuya has started to heat up. Ichigo seems to have also learnt flash step. Sui Fong, the 2nd captain, starts taking out the rebel lieutenants. The 13th captain (Rukia’ captain) wants to protect his subordinates, but the 1st captain (the old man) stops him in his tracks. The 8th captain (Nanao’s captain) instead takes the 13th captain and runs away. The 1st captain chases after them. So the 2nd captain continues trying to crush the lieutenants when suddenly Yoruichi (the cat woman) comes and drags the 2nd captain with her over the cliff. They seem to know each other. How? That’ll probably be explained later. The 4th captain (medicine lady) takes all the wounded back to the base hospital and treats them. We meat her bankai which seems to be this floating alien ray like creature which can heal people in it’s mouth/stomach. Then we jump back to the 1st, 8th, and 13th captain battle. The 1st captain apparently hid his fire soul slayer in his cane. The 8th and 13th captains were both his favorite students back in the academy, but he feels that they have both betrayed him beyond the point of return.

Can’t wait for episode 56!!!

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  1. I am really happy with the way Bleach is turning out. Not like Naruto. Tons of filler episodes. So sad =(. But Bleach is getting really exciting =)

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