Blood+ Episode 4

Blood+ Episode 4 – Dangerous Boy

Another exciting episode of Blood+. More gets revealed as Saya gets closer and closer to awakening…



If you saw the last episode, you’d have noticed that Kai ran off at the end of the episode. Apparently he was so angry, he ran home, took the gun and went searching for Forest, the one who attacked his father. Apparently the dad didn’t die, but there is a possibility he might be contaminated, which I’m guessing will happen since the story must continue and what better story than to have one where the daughter has to kill the father because he’s becoming one of them. Kai goes investigate and Saya, Rick, and Moe are always 1 step behind. Saya finally begins hearing stuff, and follows their calls. Rick for some reason begins to hear things too. In this episode, we learn that the mysterious man is named Haji and is Saya’s servant and only obeys her orders. So are Chiropterans vulnerable to bullets? Welp, guess you’ll have to watch the episode to find out!

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