Fire Ball – 紅孩兒大話火焰山

Watched a taiwanese cartoon today (was going to call it anime, but I’m not sure if they’d feel insulted or proud of that, so I’m calling it a cartoon): Fire Ball – 紅孩兒大話火焰山. It’s based on Journey to the West – 西游記, a very old chinese folk tale. It’s a really long and interesting story, but Fire Ball is only 1 section of the story of the many many compilations. The story took a very different look at the story and the animations were really cute and drawn really well. Too bad it’s in Mandarin only for now, though the trailer they have is in English.

fire ball fire ball


The story is about the party trying to cross the Mountain of Fire and needs to borrow Steel Princess’ Banana Fan. Fire Ball is Steel Princess’s and Demon Cow Emperor’s daughter. The overall story stuck to that theme, but the director added a bit of his own story to it, though it maybe that I’m just forgetting the original story. Was the Spider Demon part of this story or the Toad Demon? I think that part of the story was actually from some other section and had no relationships with this story, though please do correct me if I’m wrong. There was an introduction of a new character, a dragon that Fire Ball plays with, once again I’m only pretty sure it’s a new character. Though the origination of the Mountain of Fire did bring back some memories. I had almost totally forgotten it was because the Monkey King kicked down that big stove of fire that created the Mountain of Fire in the 1st place. I was sad that I couldn’t see Monkey King enlarge or shrink his golden stick (no pun intended) which always stayed in the same shape and length (no pun intended again). We did get to see him bust out the flying cloud and blowing his hair to create many more Monkey King clones, which totally reminded me of Naruto. Haha. The fight scenes were okay, but the story was pretty good. I guess it’s pretty hard to ruin a story from Journey to the West.

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