Naruto Episodes 147-149

AnineOne finally released some new episodes of Naruto.

Naruto Episode 147 – The Showdown Of Fate! You Can’t Defeat Me!


Naruto Episode 148 – Akamaru Gets Jelous of the Super Following Ability! Find the Illusionary Scent Bug!


Naruto Episode 149 – How is it Different?! All Bugs Look the Same, Don’t They?!



More filler episodes. The story about Mizuki finally ended and he somehow turned into a tiger/man beast. Somehow there were some side effects to the prescription Orochimaru gave him and he ended up turning really really old at the end. Ikura-sensei also saw Naruto bust out the Rasengan for the 1st time. The next filler story is inregard to finding the scent bug, which the bug guy believes will be able to track down Sasuke. However, the scent bugs are nearly extinct and there’s only a 10% chance of finding it. In the 2 episodes, they go on a bug scavenger hunt. The story between Hinata and Naruto also closes in where Hinata blushes so many times. I’ve always liked Hinata better than Sakura. Sakura was too shallow and only saw Sasuke as the cool guy and didn’t see Naruto for what he was worth. Hinata on the other hand knew immediately the inner strength of Naruto. However, these days, maybe it’s just the fillers, Naruto’s been getting on my nerves.

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