The Unsaid

The Unsaid was quite an interesting movie. You can watch the trailer here, but I personally think it revealed a bit too much if you’re planning to watch the movie. It’s a suspense thriller type of movie, where you try to solve what really happened before the movie ends and reveals it. The storyline was pretty typical about psychopathic patients who repressed their memories, but I found it rather close when it started to show similar behaviors to myself. As the title suggests, the most important things to ourselves are the things left unsaid.

the unsaid


Movie’s about a psychiatrist named Michael Hunter who long has given up his practice, but instead now writes books and gives seldom lectures, but he’s still quite renown in his field. A old student of his, Barbara, which has become a rather good psychiatrist herself requests the help of her old professor to look into a boy. This young boy saw his mother get killed by his father when he was 6 or 7 years old. He’s turning 18 in a few weeks and she believes that he’s not ready to leave the nest yet. He’s shown no signs of being affected by the incident at all and she believes that he is repressing it all and requests the help of Mike.

Mike initially rejects the request for help. He himself gave up practice after his own little boy died. It was quite shocking to find out why and I could’ve never guessed. But somehow that boy reminded him of his own son in some way and he decided to go help him. Then there’s this long story between Mike unraveling the past and the relationship developing between Mike’s own daughter and this boy Tommy. What I found odd, was that what Mike did wasn’t really spectacular and how he was able to start getting Tommy to crack while no others did was somewhat unbelievable. Tommy actually cracked quite easily. However, do note, I was able to guess exactly what happened midway through the movie so I’m feeling quite proud.

Though both the reasons for Kyle’s, Mike’s son, death and what really happened with Tommy were quite disturbing… though that itself may have revealed too much…

Repressing emotions is a really bad thing, but it’s the easiest way to escape feeling down.

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