Gun X Sword Episodes 10-11

Gun X Sword Episode 10 – Ocean, thank you!

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Gun X Sword Episode 11 – The place where “goodbye” lies

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For some reason Gun X Sword just didn’t have the spark it had before, but since I started watching it, might as well finish it.


In the latest 2 episodes, a lot more has happened, well mostly in episode 11.

In episode 10, Van was hired to protect a bunch of dock workers from pirates (the pirate captain was quite feminine and nothing like a real pirate if I may add) while they try to lift up a rather large load that has been sitting in the ocean. Van agreed to help because they were going to provide him with train tickets to his destination along with money compensative. The pirates had weird techniques such as freezing the water and shooting out punches with homing devices. But in the end, Van beat the pulp outta their submarine and the dock workers were able to secure their item.

However, little did Van know, that item was being delivered to the man with claw group. At the train station of their destination, Wendy sees her brother Michael and was shocked to hear that Michael no longer wants to come home and is helping the guy with the claw hands. Wendy couldn’t believe her ears when Michael told her to return to Evergreen and never come looking for him. It was quite a sad little incident, but it lacked the emotional punch. Later on, when Wendy tells Van about this, Van gets extremely upset for not probing deeper for more info. Wendy was really sad and shocked and Joshua came to her aid. When Wendy asks Van what she should do, Van replies with, “Isn’t it obvious? You should go home.” And the episode ends with Wendy crying and walking away with her luggage. I actually felt really sad for her.

In the middle of the 2nd episode, they introduce the group of 7, which included Van for some reason. Seems like we’ll have to wait for the next episode to see what connection they have.

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