Just wanted to wish my buddy a Happy Birthday! I haven’t chat with him in a really really long time!

Speaking of chatting, did you noticed that AIM added 2 new buddies to your buddy list:
AIM Bots (2/2)

I played around with them for some time and it’s quite interesting. I didnt find ShoppingBuddy to be much use, but MoviePhone was pretty useful. You type in the movie you want to see followed by your Zip Code and it’ll tell you which movie theaters it’s playing at near you and the associated times. It also includes a link to the movie itself. They should’ve also provided a link to the theater so you can get directions and find out more info. Hopefully that’ll come later. You can also type in a date, and it’ll give you a list of movies that are playing near you. Not comprehensive but makes it easier if you don’t have any idea what you want to watch.

Too bad the interface has to go through an AIM chat window. What I do like about it is that the responses are amazingly fast. No need for all the pretty graphics to load.

/. had an article on it: AOL launches program for AIM bots.

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