Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

So stanman and I met up today for dinner and movie. Before dinner, we watched a couple episodes of Initial D 4th Stage, since he was a bit behind. During dinner, we chatted about a variety of things, including Chinese school, Saturday morning cartoons, how mechy and Carrie meet up for lunch sometimes at Applied Materials, what to do for Thanksgiving, etc etc. Near the end of dinner, we were talking about stem cells and cloning and suddenly a question hit me, how exactly does cloning work? You take someone’s DNA or genetic information and you stick it in an egg. How exactly does that work? I mean, I understand if you stick a sperm in an egg (invitro-fertilization), I understand how a baby can come out of that, but how exactly do you take genetic information and make it into a sperm. And even after that, how do you make it so that the sperm donates BOTH parts of the genetic information and not accepting the egg’s genetic information. In normal babies, half the genetic information is donated by the sperm, while the other half is donated by the egg. Does that mean we currently can only make female clones (using female genetric info + same female egg)? Maybe someone with a better understanding of cloning can help me with this.

Afterwards, we headed over to the theaters to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. You can watch the trailer here. The movie was really fun, but the theater was packed. We got to watch the digital version and the previews were amazingly clear.

harry potter and the goblet of fire


I felt that the movie was moving rather fast. The 1st competition (fighting with the dragons) only showed Harry’s match. It would’ve been interesting to see how the others defeated the dragons too, but maybe the book didn’t include that. Then they introduce Cho Chan who Harry has a crush on, but too bad Cedrick, a better wizard than Harry is already asking her out. However, luckily, Cedrick is no longer in the picture thanks to Voldemort. Then there’s that scene where Hermoine “sorta” confesses her love to Ron by saying that next time he should ask her to the ball earlier before another boy asks and not keep her as a backup. I thought that was sweet, though Hermione was crying. I actually wanted Harry and Hermoine to be the ones to get together. It’s like the hero and the heroine thingy. Who’s this Cho Chan that came out of nowhere?

You actually find out why Harry Potter wasn’t killed by Lord Voldemort. It had something to do with his mother’s love, but I wasn’t exactly sure. You also learn that Malfoy’s father is part of Lord Voldemort’s henchmen (or what did he call them?).

Another thing I want to see is Harry and Victor Krum battle it out in a game of Quidditch.

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