How Cloning Works

So being curious how cloning worked, I went and asked my bio-friend ungsunghero. The following may be over-simplified, but you should be able to get a grasp on how it works. Apparently to clone mammals, all you need is an egg of the same species and genetic information of the mammal you want to clone. A sperm is not required, which was quite shocking to me. To clone a mammal, you remove the entire nucleus from the egg and replace it with a nucleus from a donor cell. By doing this, you completely trash the original genetic information that the egg carried and by replacing it with a nucleus from a donor cell, you’ve given it the full set of genetic information instead of of half set that the original nucleus had. That’s why a sperm is NOT required at all. And with the full set of DNA, it can start generating cells and creating the mammal once you put it back inside a host.

You can read more about it at Summary of all published reports on mammalian cloning – Somatic cell nuclear transfer (cloning) efficiency.

Wikipedia: Somatic cell nuclear transfer (from decathanerd). Another confirmation on how it works. Apparently, it’s suppose to be as simple as sticking a needle into a egg, sucking out the nucleus, and then injecting the new nucleus. It is then stimulated in such a way that it begins to divide. Wonder what that really means…

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SONGS TO WEAR PANTS TO (from deadlock) – I make songs in any genre, for free or for money, based on instructions people send me. This guy is so awesome! You should definitely check out some of the songs he made:

Several flash videos actually used the songs he made:

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Laser etched Powerbook! (from /.) – I didn’t really plan using a $20,000 laser cutter on my 17″ Powerbook to etch a 19th-century engraving of a tarsier, a nocturnal mammal related to the lemur (also the vi book cover image, from O’Reilly), but it seemed like it had to done. The results are stunning – photos and more…

nathanng’s Gallery – a friend of mine from E190 back in Berkeley. His drawings are really good!

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