Black Cat Episodes 6-7

Black Cat is actually getting better despite what I originally thought based on the previous few episodes. And the kids that showed up in these 2 episodes are so adorable and cute. One even goes, “Did you make a promise with your boyfriend?”, even though they’re only like 7 or 8 years old.

Black Cat Episode 6 – Targeted Cat

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Black Cat Episode 7 – All Wounded Cat

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In these last 2 episodes, a lot has happened. It begins with #1 trying to either convince #13 Train Heartnet to return to Chronos or to be killed. Train wants neither. You also see Creed’s weapon in its true form. His sword apparently is invisible and can extend upon his command. You also see the 1st introduction of a Taoist, a clan which Chronos believe has been exterminated over 200 years ago. This Taoist seems to be able to control insects really well, however the song sung by Saya threw him off. Creed believes Saya has placed a spell on Train and calls her a witch for bewitching him, which leads to the conclusion of this episode, the killing of Saya. Saya had made Train promise to watch fireworks with her, but she got there a bit early and helped some kids win some toys and candy at the carnival. While she was looking for a spot for the best view, Creed comes up and attacks her. It was pretty much one sided. Even when Saya shot him, Creed didn’t seem to be affected. She was also trying to protect the kids that came to thank her, but came at a bad time. As Saya laid there and before Creed killed her, Train shows up. At this point, it seemed Saya was a lost cause, but she begged Train to protect the train, which led to an amazing fight.

In the following episode, you learnt there was an explosion during the fight and Sven and Eve found Train protecting the kids, which only ended up getting light burns. When Train woke up, he asked where Saya was, but neither Eve nor Sven knew who he was talking about. There wasn’t anybody else at the scene when they found him. Train asked for his gun, but Eve wouldn’t give it to him, but instead gave him a plush kitten which the kids asked if they could give to Train for protecting them. Train just threw the kitten on the floor. One really wonders at this point what happened to Saya. You know she couldn’t have died, since she’s on the opening credits and ending credits and seems to be 1 of the 4 who will eventually form a team. My guess was Creed took her so he can force Train to join him later on. At this point, the introduce another Chornos Number, #7. He was basically given the assignment of killing Eve which #13 Train did not finish before leaving Chronos. At this point, Eve was reading Aesop’s Fables and learnt about how the mice try to put a bell around the cat’s neck so they could hear the cat whenever it tried to come get them. So Eve decided to try to put a bell on Train (nicked name Black Cat) for being a bad cat. Train resisted and eventually threw the bell out the window. He also said many hurtful things such as that Eve was also a killer and she also tried to kill him. Sven returns and finds Eve missing. Sven scolds Train for hurting Eve’s feelings and tells him that it was Eve that found him after the explosion and was also the one that tended him for the week he was out cold and recovering. If Sven finds out Eve’s feelings were hurt, he’d be the first one to come after Train. Sven leaves and goes look for Eve. At this time, Eve meets #7 which nicely requests that she follow him. Eve doesn’t comply and actually transforms her arm into a dagger/cleaver. However she still gets caught in the web of strings, apparently his weapon. Eve tries cutting the strings, but because it was made from orichalcum.

At first I thought this was a made up element for this anime, but apparently wikipedia states: Orichalcum is a legendary metal mentioned in several ancient writings, most notably the story of Atlantis as recounted in the Critias dialogue, recorded by Plato. According to Critias, orichalcum was considered second only to gold in value, and was found and mined in many parts of Atlantis in ancient times. By the time of Critias, however, it was known only by name. It is not known for certain what orichalcum was. Orichalcum (or Aurichalcum) literally means “gold copper”. It is alternatively held to be a gold/copper alloy, a copper-tin or copper-zinc brass, or a metal no longer known to man. In later years, “orichalcum” was used to describe chalcopyrite or brass. However, these are difficult to reconcile with the text of Critias, because he states that the metal was “only a name” by his time, while brass and chalkopyrite continued to be very important through the time of Plato until today. For that reason, other authors on the subject conclude that orichalcum is either the gold-copper alloy tumbaga, or a metal that is, in the words of Critias, “known only by name today, but was once more than a name.” Doesn’t sound like a strong alloy to me, but who knows. Are any gold alloys that are actually strong? I don’t recall brass being that strong either.

Anyway, back to the story. At this time, you hear a bell ring and Train shows up with the bell around his neck. They battle out. Train’s bullets were easily sliced with the strings, but apparently his gun Hades is made of Orichalcum too and they end up at a draw. At this time, #7 retreats and Train and Eve returns back to the cabin and have dinner. Sven returns after hours of searching only to find them eating.

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  1. “and(Saya) seems to be 1 of the 4 who will eventually form a team”
    I don’t think Saya’s with them(the four who will eventually form
    a team)
    I think the person you were mentioning was Rinslet Walker……….

    Huff……..oh well! Just let me know if I was wrong. Hahaha, thanks for the info on the next episode!!

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