First snow of the season in Seattle! You can check out some pictures and a video in my gallery album. After getting off work last night at 10:15pm, I slept in this morning till 12:40pm. After I showered and got dressed and ready to leave for work, I find this pretty scene outside my door. It was very pretty. My car was covered with a layer of snow. So I made sure I wasn’t trapped in since I live on the bottom of a hill. There were hardly any snow on the road, so that was a good sign.

Here’s an advice for those have snow covered on the side windows. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SCRAPE THEM OFF BY ROLLING DOWN YOUR WINDOWS! I made the mistake of doing that because it usually works with rain. What ended up happening was snow accumulated at the bottom of the window and when the window went all the way down, the snow came collapsing in since the windows are tilted that way.

It was lovely driving in the snow. It felt like a Winter Wonderland. I’ve seen snow before, I’ve played in snow before, but I’ve never driven in snow before. Hehe. Apparently it started snowing around 11am and people were leaving work afraid they’d get stuck because I heard there’s no snow trucks around here to clear the roads. I even got a email from my manager telling my team we should head back home early and work from home.

Anyway, they say this is once every few years thingy. I wonder if I’ll get to see it again this year.

Random Crap:

In Living Color: Jim Carrey as Vanilla Ice (from rayalome) – hilarious video of Jim Carrey doing a parody of Ice Ice Baby.

foobar2000 (from skylancer) – a pretty neat and simple audio player, sorta like the VLC (VideoLan Media Player) of audio and music.

Xbox 360 Window Modded with some Blue Bling (from Microsoft newsgroup) – they’re actually selling this on eBay: Microsoft Xbox 360 Ultra Premium Modded Llamma Edition. With 8 days left for the auction, it’s already at $4,500. You can look at 11/29/05’s entry to see him describe what mods he added to the Xbox 360.

Very, very frequent flyer..After two months of zig-zagging across Canada by plane, frequent flyer Marc Tacchi has reached his goal of accumulating one million miles of credits — and become something of an Internet celebrity in the process. On his blog “The Great Canadian Mileage Run 2005,” Tacchi reported on Wednesday that he had racked up 1,003,625 mileage points and spent 56 of the last 61 days in an airplane. … By reaching the one million mile goal, Tacchi gets the equivalent of about 10 round-trip business class flights from Canada to Australia, which he has estimated would normally cost about C$70,000. Wo… That’s C$7,000 per RT business class flight! Is business class really that expensive?

RIAA Bans Telling Friends About Songs (from ungsunghero) – “We are merely exercising our right to defend our intellectual properties from unauthorized peer-to-peer notification of the existence of copyrighted material,” a press release signed by RIAA anti-piracy director Brad Buckles read.

Panda cub takes Washington by stormHe then shook his head and began clambering over the rocky display on wobbly legs, taking a couple of tumbles along the way and nosing at everything in his path. reading this story just makes me go goo goo and awwwww over and over again.

MSN Search: seattle free wifi (from Microsoft newsgroup) – check out the suggestion: seattle free wife. several comments included:

  • Don’t believe the hype. The first one is free, and then you have to buy 8 more at regular price within the next year.
  • As a somewhat renowned “free” expert, I would say that this is consistent with the concept of “free”, where the up front cost is zero, but the recurring and long term costs are in deed crippling.

Hacking Coke Machines (from Microsoft newsgroup) – pretty interesting… too bad I’m sick of soda since I get unlimited free soda at work.

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