Bad News Bears

Also watched Bad News Bears today. You can watch the trailer here. Movie wasn’t much, had it’s funny moments and somewhat touching moments. Sometimes you just hate Billy Bob Thorton, then other times you commend him for what he did.

bad news bears


Trailer pretty much says it all. The coach is a drunk. The team sucks and hates each other. So how does a drunk turn this team around? Not much of a storyline. Ending was rather expected. But these movies are usually made to bring out a few chuckles here and there and that’s what it did. I still have no idea why the guy in the wheelchair joined the little league. Also there was a a guy on the team just so that he has something extra to put on his college application and told the coach that he could put him on the bench most of the time and that’s what he’d prefer. Their way to victory did feel a bit cheesy since as the other team said, it was really only Amanda (the coach’s daughter) and Kelley (some guy who has a grudge against another coach) that made the team good. The rest of the team was just so-so.

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