Blood+ Episode 8

Blood+ Episode 8 – Phantom of the School



This series takes a big turn and we end up in Vietnam. Kai and Rick are abandoned, but are left with a note not saying much and a credit card apparently with enough credit to buy a tank. Curious as I am, I wondered how much a tank costs these days. Apparently they cost an average of $4 million per tank. But Kai and Rick are unsatisified with the situation and decides to go look for Saya herself.

Switching back to Saya, she successfully infiltrated the school they’re investigating by enrolling as a student. She meets her roommate Min, a girl from Shanghai I believe or some other part of China. She’s rather cute, even with her glasses off. But anyway, apparently Haji infiltrated the school too by becoming the new gardener. Apparently all the girls are falling for Haji and calling him the phantom. There’s a story at this school about how there used to be a girl with black hair named Lycée. She was trying to plant roses in a garden, but they would never bloom. Rumor was that a devil watched over that patch of land, but Lycée kept pouring love into the roses and the devil was touched and the roses bloomed magnificantly. The devil proposed to Lycée and Lycée said she’d accept if he could bring her a blue rose. The devil searched all over the world but could not find a blue rose, but did not dare return till he found it. Soon after, news of Lycée dying of old age reached him and he cried and cried until he could cry now more. Legend says that when his last drop of tear hit the floor, a blue rose sprung out and he took it to Lycée’s grave and disappeared. Nowadays, the story goes that the devil returns as a phantom whenever there’s a crescent moon and tries to look for a girl with the same black hair as Lycée.

Saya believes that just a cover story for the vampire(s). That night, she sees a candle in the bell tower and goes there to find the director the school as a vampire. But I don’t believe Saya’s met the director yet or recognized him. Haji came in time and fought the vampire off. But before the vampire disappared, he left a blue rose.

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