Lymph Nodes

I learn this fact from Jeremy, a friend from work. Lymph Nodes are like white blood cell graveyards, which I found fascinating. That’s why they swell up when you get really sick. Dead white blood cells accumulate there and when you’re really sick, a lot of white blood cells die. What’s worse is that white blood cells takes germ and disease cells with them to the grave, so you end up with a big hodgepot of diseases and germs. Interesting right?

Speaking of which, deadlock gave me this video today: Mechanism of action for new cancer therapy. It’s quite a fascinating new way to treat cancer cells. Even though it can only kill 2/3 of the cancerous cells, that can easily reduce a stage 3 or 4 cancer to stage 1 or 2. You can find more 3d animations here: BioDigital Systems 3D Animation Gallery.

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