Bleach Episode 60

Bleach Episode 60

Watched this awhile ago. Been queued for awhile, but I finally found time to blog about it. So much gets revealed in this episode, though not much action, which leads up to the next episode…



The center court where the judges of Soul Society make all the decisions and rulings have been infiltrated. Captain #13 (the chibi captain) breaks in and the alarm doesn’t go off. Instead, he finds a room full of dead bodies. Suddenly he sees Gin’s lieutenant and chases after him along with his own lieutenant. Gin’s lieutenant then hints about Hinamori and Captain #13 rushes back to find Hinamori while his lieutenant (the female with the big boobs) continues chasing after Gin’s lieutenant. We then learn about each of their own Soul Slayer. Gin’s lieutenant’s Soul Slayer apparently makes the enemies weapon 2x heavier each it hits it and after a few blocks, makes it unbelievable heavy for the enemy to continue using it. However, we have yet to see what Captain #13’s sword can do, but it seems to have a similar property to Byakuya’s sword where it can dissolve.

Returning back to the other scene. Hinamori arrives at the center court and guess what! Captain Aizen is NOT DEAD! That totally took me by surprise. Gin was also there. Hinamori of course was overjoyed to see her captain, but things started to make sense. The letter and the blaming of Captain #13 (chibi captain) started to fit together. While Hinamori was hugging Captain Aizen, he stabs her and kills her. At this time, Captain #13 arrives and finds Hinamori dead. Aizen says something very cruel, though very deep: “There’s no one so easy to control as someone who admires you. … Admiration is the emotion farthest from comprehension.” Aizen also goes about explaining how he faked his own death. At this point, Hitsugaya (chibi captain) busts out his BanKai which seems to be an ice dragon and charges toward Aizen. Aizen easily evades and in return slashes Hitsugaya up. At this time, Captain #4 (the nurse) arrives because she had seen through his deception. It turns out the dead body was actually Aizen’s sword and it was part of his Soul Slayer’s ability. But only those with eyes would be able to fall under the enchatment. At this moment, Captain #4 realizes that there’s another person on Aizen’s team, the blind captain (forgot his number).

The scene moves to Rukia and Renji for the 1st time in many episodes and there was the blind captain waiting for them and teleports them back to the execution stage. Gin and Aizen also teleport there too. Next episode is going to be interesting.

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