Alternative Codecs

Hate have 3 different players to play all your media. Needing Apple QuickTime to play .mov files and needing RealPlayer to play .rm and .rmvb files and Windows Media Player to play everything else. Even if you have Media Player Classic, you’ll need both of those respective players installed to get it to play .mov, .rm, and .rmvb files in it.


You have Real Alternative and QuickTime Alternative. After installing these files, you won’t have to download the corresponding players and be able to play those files in any media player that you choose. I’d recommending either Media Player Classic or VLC media player. Actually, I’m not too sure that VLC media player will play QuickTime and RealMedia files since I never really tried. No more gunk from these bloated players. The reason why I was looking for these today wsa because I was trying to get MCE (Media Center Edition) to play all the video files I have. MCE is pretty sweet and I’ll be getting into that story later.

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