Kyle’s Birthday

Kyle’s Birthday was this past Saturday the 24th, but we celebrated with him on Friday. A bunch of us guys got together cand chilled at his place. Antegra and DNG had set it up, but apparently most of the people had other plans already, so only a few showed up. In fact, besides the 2 who setup, only JoeHK and I accepted the Evite. JoeHK was going to arrive later, but the rest of up met up at DNG’s place before we headed off to Kyle’s place. Just when we were about to leave, Chheang gave us a call and asked if he could join. Of course! The more the merrier.

We went to Ralph’s to buy some booze to celebrate Kyle’s birthday. It was suppose to be international beer testing, but no one really knew what beer tasted good. So we did a coin flip between hard alcohol and and beer and hard alcohol won. We ended up with Smirnoff Vodka (green apple flavor) along with some coke. JoeHK being a party pooper called us and told us he might not be able to make it because his company’s Christmas party was extending to karoake.

Antegra, DNG, and JoeHK had chosen a gift certificate from Sports Chalet since Kyle’s really into fishing and they didn’t really know what fishing equipment he needed. Chheang and I chipped in later. They also got him a “Would Rather Be Fishing” license plate holder, which Kyle was able to guess immediately without opening the wrapping.

Kyle busted out his sister’s Grey Goose and Absolut Vodka which they did shots with. I didn’t join in since I didn’t particularily like the taste, but they convinced me to do Coke and half a shot of vodka, which basically tasted like bitter Coke with a hint of green apple.

We talked about a bunch of things and Kyle’s parents are so cool. We played with their cat Zion (yes, the last city of humans in The Matrix). We got Zion to jump between the car and the boat back and forth with a catnip toy. Well, I never got it to jump, but DNG and Kyle did. I guess cats just don’t like me.

Kyle had these really cool BB guns. One was in the form of an assault rifle with semi-automatic shooting. However, the battery was low. We also played with his glock which was powered by CO2 and we were shooting into cardboard boxes.

JoeHK and N0rybic finally showed up and we decided to play some poker. Buy in was only $1 so it was basically a friendly game. They had just gotten a whole poker set with card shuffler, chips, and table. The shuffler didn’t really work, so we basically shuffled on our own. Not really going to get into the details of the game, but Kyle ended up winning with me as #2. The payout was $5 for 1st place and $2 for 2nd. Hehe. I doubled my money. ;p

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