New Year Party at Chheang’s

Check out the the photos I took during the party in my photo album. Videos will be uploaded shortly (or whenver is done with maintenance).

A bunch of us celebrated entering the New Year of 2006 at Chheang’s and Antegra’s apartment in Irvine. Technically, it’s no longer Antegra’s apartment since his rent only covered him till the end of December 2005. A bunch of us went beforehand and made dinner. JoeHK, Chheang, PhatFreeza, LilSneezy, DNG, MMouse, and I stopped by at Albertsons to pick up some food. We got new york steak, chips, sour cream, potatoes, chilli, shredded cheese, onions, soda, orange juice, and tons of alcohol. MMouse and LilSneezy got their own thing because MMouse wasn’t too fond of steak and LilSneezy was sick. We ended up getting a bottle of Hpnotiq (I thought the spelling was Hypnotiq) and Tanqueray No. Ten. LilSneezy really wanted to try Hpnotiq because it was recommended by others, but I think it was mainly because it came in a cool bottle and the color matched her green shirt. DNG wanted the group to try gin since apparently not too many have tried gin before. I recommended either Tanqueray No. Ten or Bombay Sapphire since those are what I’ve seen CDMCC drink the most and recommend.

We headed back to the apartment and JoeHK and Chheang were the dedicated cooks. They made some good tasting steak and were also making baked potatoes. I’m not steak fanatic so I can’t really tell the difference between good steak and bad steak. We actually flipped a coin to decide to get $8/lb steak or $4/lb steak. We ended up with $4/lb steak, but everyone was happy.

An interesting aspect of the apartment is that one of the roommates literally lives in a cardboard box:

living in cardboard box

DNG was our dedicated bar tender making everyone drinks with what was available. We had so much trouble opening the Tanqueray No. Ten bottle. DNG, Chheang, Kyle, and I first all tried brute strength, but no one could get a good grip on the cap. LilSneezy suggested banging the cap on the corner of the counter. That didn’t seem to help either. MMouse busted out his leatherman and PhatFreeze was trying to opening it was the clamp and screwdriver. Finally, DNG somehow managed to open it with little effort. I think it was the combined effort of everyone that the cap finally gave way.

darren opening tanqueray ten

Other alcohol that was already in the fridge included Southern Comfort, Jack Daniel’s, and Miller Light (?).

Kyle joined us shortly after we arrived and we started a poker game after dinner. $1 buy in and I lost an all-in after hitting trip 8s on the turn, but MMouse hit a straight on the river. Kyle ended up as the winner of the tournament (again) with PhatFreeza coming in 2nd.

Ohfuee and MeSofa joined later in the night, followed by Glendia and Steve. Actually, I’m no longer sure which party arrived first. Ohfuee brought us a bottle of Absolut and a big pack of Tecate.

We were playing Taboo while waiting for the count down to start and when it did, no one was ready for the toast cause everyone’s cup was empty. We did modify the rules for Taboo a bit. If you skip, your team loses a point. If you taboo, you have to take a sip of Ohfuee’s horrid drink: Toilet Water. In other words, you could either take one for the team by tabooing or if you so afraid of the drink (which you should be), you’d rather force your team to lose a point. If you don’t believe how horrid the drink is, check out their expressions:

chheang drinking toilet waterjorge drinking toilet water

My camera ran out of battery shortly afterwards, but it was good time to stop taking photos because people were starting to barf and fall asleep. We woke up early the next morning: 10am because PhatFreeza had to return his car back to his parents. After I got home, I uploaded the photos and went straight to bed for another long nap.

One of the most funniest moments of last night was when DNG tried to crush a can on his forehead, but failed and instead hurted himself. To redeem himself, he rip the can apart with his teeth. Another moment to remember was when we started busting out MMouse’s champagne poppers and got the room really messy and started trying to pop it into each other’s butt and nuts.

darren crushing can on forehead

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